The magic of Feedback II

Fascinating. So I got some feedback from guys, and it wasn’t really what I expected.

One surprise was that there were multiple requests for chastity / orgasm control / pleasure files, which I personally considered a topic that’s… exhausted for lack of a better term? I did a lot of those, so I didn’t think more a requested. But I guess they are. Good to know and more than happy to oblige.

Not to mention a few other inspiring ideas…


Also spread the beta fun a bit, and made a gender neutral fun for everyone “Pornosexual Beta Goon” file. And it was easy and fun. Which is fascinating as beta recordings are usually only for men (or beta boys, let’s be real), and gooning files are pretty exclusively gendered.

Then again – it’s not really a question of gender or genitals, now is it? You’re a beta in your mind, in your spirit. It’s the submissive and service oriented sexuality that makes a beta.

Had fun there – more to come!

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  1. sexpuppy1
    sexpuppy1 says:

    I LOVE your catalog! Can’t wait to experience your manipulation! (and, I hope, your power over me…) Vielen Dank for all the work you’ve put into it!


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