Q: I have listened to something and now I don’t like the effects it has. Can I get rid of them?
A: Yes, use the Deep Clean file!

Q: What’s the difference between the version with induction x and induction y?
A: They are different inductions. Only way to find out which version works better for you or which one you like better is to try them.

Q: What is a curse?
A: A curse refers to a file effects that stay permanently, either active all the time or triggered. The other category is temporary files. These only work for a specific time.

Q: What is a fantasy file?
A: Fantasy files are files in which you experience a fantasy while in trance, like a highly immersive story. You will experience the story and the subliminals will help you to immerse deeper and experience the sensation and emotions from the protagonist.

Q: What is a waking trance file? What is a waking trance?
A: These are files where you experience the effects in a waking trance. It’s a state where you are still in a trance, but feel awake. You can move and act normally (safe for any effects) but will still be in the fantasy world the trance creates. For safety reasons don’t drive, operate machinery or do anything that requires your full attention during the waking trance, even if you feel fully awake.

Q: Is there a way to preview the content of a file?
A: Simple. Just skip the hypnotic induction and go directly to the body of the file.

Conditioning Files

Q: What’s a conditioning file?
A: The conditioning files use triggers to reward / punish certain behaviours and thereby change your behaviour over time. In some of the files these reward/punishment triggers are subconscious, so you won’t notice them. You will not notice a change in your behaviour, but your tastes / desires will slowly change. You can remove the triggers, but not the conditioned effects the files had this far. These files alter your behaviour permanently, be sure you want it, and listen at your own risk.

Q: I’m curious. Can’t I just try them anyway? And hope you do something magical when it goes wrong and I don’t want the effects anymore?
A: No! See above. Be absolutely certain you want the effects, or go to something temporary!

Q: How do I recognize conditioning files?
A: They all have either a conditioning in the name (e.g. “Feminine Conditioning”) or say so in the description.

Q: Are conditioning files really absolutely permanent?

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Q: Can I download the files?
A: No, it’s not possible at the moment. At least not easily. Working on it.  Please stop swamping me with mails, or it will never get to it.

Q: Can’t you do modular inductions / deepeners / bodies / awakener?
A: No. When you sleep during a car ride, when do you wake up? Exactly, when the car stops. MP3 is NOT a gapless format, so there will always be some silence between the tracks, and that startles most people out of trance. It’s not like a IRL trance where you touch the hypnotee and they know you are still there, almost everyone is right awake, and this way it’s not a nice wakeup. Sure, a few people might be the exception, but the number is too small to be worth the effort. Feel free to cut them yourself though.

Q: Can I get a script for file x?
A: No. I don’t do scripts. And no, i don’t trancscribe the file for you (been asked that a hundred times).