Let me introduce myself! I’m ViVe and I’m deeply fascinated with everything revolving around the control and manipulation of the human mind since about the mid 90’s, be it hypnosis, NLP, psychology, behaviourism, social engineering or whatever else there is. I have been living my dominant side since about the same time.

I usually see the role of the dominant in an d/s relation as the person who provides the sub a fantasy. Besides the enjoyment of the topspace, I enjoy the game, making it real for the sub, pushing the mind to the place where it becomes real. To me it’s like a game of chess and for it to work you have to be a few steps ahead all the time!

I probably heard the first time of other people using hypnosis for erotic purposes around 2000 and listened to a lot since then to see what others are doing. Usually i try to do something a bit different in my files.

When you are listening to my files, please take a look on the categories, how permanent the effects of the files are. If you’re unsure, start with something temporary or the hypnotic fantasies!

I hope you enjoy my files and i like all kinds of feedback, tell me when you liked it and tell me if you didn’t like something! Feedback makes the files better and keeps me motivated!


Let me into your mind and I will

  • Turn you into a slavedrone
  • Fuck your mind
  • Turn you into a girl


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