Next month there will be another hypno (kink/fetish/sex/hedonism) party at the Insomnia Club in Berlin. It will be on the 31th.

The last party was absolutely amazing and there was a brilliant energy. And the energy when you trance a whole room of people and make them incredibly horny and needy and you end the trance and then everybody quickly filters into the other parts of the club and there is sex and kink everywhere… wow. And to share this energy with so many people is an experience.

So if any of you want to trance with me in real life and are in or around berlin at that time… And if you want to come… feel free to contact me before. Who knows what happens.

Hope I will see you – ViVe

About the club and the party:

The insomnia is a hedonistic club, so everything is possible from just partying over kinking to swinging. It’s a nice safe space to be kinky and weird and different. And yourself.

The party itself will consist of a group trance in which I will open you up to the experience and give you a trance trigger. After that you can either come to me for an individual trance, or just have fun and play and mingle and dance and be weird and kinky and strange and have fun. There will also be more group trances later, depending a bit on the vibe of the room.

The party will be german / english. The group trance will depend on the number of people who only speak english, with a potential second english one. The individual trances can naturally be in english.

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