Since I started out on patreon, I got repeated requests to do it “per month” instead of “per creation”.

To be honest, I always liked the “per creation”, because it’s directly tied to productivity, and therefore a bit fairer? That’s to you, not to me. I only get paid when I do something.

Nevertheless, people kept requesting “per month”. So I finally gave in and changed it.

I hope it’s a better approach. I haven’t done as much as “ViVe” recently, but I really want to get back into it. This is what I really enjoy doing, and I want to do more of it. And create more hypnotic fun for all of you! And I hope this helps a bit.

I switched to a more “standard” concept for hypnosis creators. And I added new rewards.

So… check it out!


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  1. rgn
    rgn says:

    That is surprising that people wanted it changed. If they wanted a per month, that was possible with the per creation model. Basically, you can select per creation and set a max amount to pay – which ends up the same as a per month schedule. Unless Patreon changed these options – I originally set up my reward when you started Patreon.

    • Vive
      Vive says:

      I know! Don’t i just… It’s what I told pretty much every single person who wanted by month… yet it never stopped people asking… or (I think) impressed people who wanted monthly too much.

      It’s the same with the “premium files”. Why do I have to artificially create barriers? But it improves the income. And it clearly doesn’t work the other way around. So if it enables me to make more hypnosis… I guess I do it.


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