This is just a little humiliation masturbation recording for women.

It started it’s life as a little experimental recording for my guinea pigs, just experimenting a little bit. And yet it turned out they really enjoy it, with some almost getting addicted to it. And so I thought I share it with the rest of you too.

It’s a combination of treating you like a monkey, intense intelligence focused humiliation, a few exposure fantasies, and a lot of masturbation encouragement (It’s called “Rub Monkey Rub” for a reason). And you are just a little horny monkey, a mindless animal in heat.

So if you’re into this kind of humiliation and if you want to be my silly little monkey and “perform” for me – enjoy!

The normal Version
The simple version

You can download them here: “Normal Version” and “Simple Version“.

Hope you enjoy, and feedback is of course always welcome…

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  1. Mindless Fucktoy
    Mindless Fucktoy says:

    Already addicted to this masturbation file, Sir. Just like a treat for the humiliation freak I am. Thank you, Sir.

  2. dumbfuck
    dumbfuck says:

    if you like intense intellectual degradation this file is PERFECT! i absolutely LOVE it and listen to it a couple times a day…

    seriously, it’s addicting. at least it is if you’re a humiliation freak, like this stupid little dumbfuck is!
    Try listening to is with the dumbing down series… it’s very VERY intense. just be careful, it you do that, the effects definitely last longer than just the time it takes to listen.
    thank You Sir!

  3. Candace
    Candace says:

    This is without question the hottest hypno file I’ve ever listened to. I couldn’t get into the reverb on the normal version, but I’m so glad I gave simple a shot instead of giving up. Because I think I really should be a horny little fucking rub animal. Rubbing my horny little fuck animal cunt.

    I’m gonna go listen again and rub more now…

  4. Ohgod
    Ohgod says:

    After not touching myself for awhile. I had the best orgasm from lightly rubbing myself continuously. Then I had more orgasms from rubbing myself. Thank you sir for calling me degrading terms.

  5. BigPigSlave
    BigPigSlave says:

    pig loves this file so much – this is exactly what pig needs to listen to on repeat regularly.

    pig craves to be a performing little monkey letting everyone see pig rubbing.

  6. CuriousPet
    CuriousPet says:

    This a very fun masturbation file for mindless animals. The element of rubbing while on a leash at a kink party….. rub monkey rub


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