Beta Girl

So… Something relative rare happened when I did the beta girl recording. I discovered a new kink. Training a beta girls is something that really connected.

And now I kinda want to own a little beta girl.

But also make a beta girl training file series. Because it’s a whole unexplored world. Well, it’s very much explored for the beta boys, but not for pathetic little beta girls. It’s virgin land.

Let me give you a basic idea of what’s I imagine… and then feel free to give me more input!

Of course you would start with basic beta girl acceptance and training, that’s a given.

The next step is already something I’m not really sure about. Would a beta girl rather be kept chaste and be blocked from orgasm? Or would it be better to train her to be completely pornosexual (besides her beta desire to be good enough to be fucked), gooning to humiliation porn and wishing she wouldn’t be such a pathetic little beta girl loser and someone would do it with her. I actually love the beta gooner idea. Always horny, always a needy little beta girl, craving to submit and obey, but never having the release she simply doesn’t deserve. It would also keep the beta girl nicely humiliated to work hard.

Another topic I envision is either dumbing down or at least strong humiliation of their intellectual abilities. But I think a beta girl in beta girl mindset doesn’t need any smarts. She just needs to know how to obey and how to work for her superiors. I think I would like a combination of both. Owning a beta girl that’s really smart IRL is of course very nice. And doesn’t mean she can’t be really dumb when she’s in the mindset of the beta girl. And it totally doesn’t mean I can humiliate the shit out of her for being such a dumb little beta girl.

If you really want to push it for the little humiliation freaks out there (and again humiliation, not training of course) to go down the “as a little beta girl you really shouldn’t pass on your loser genes” road. Serious, little beta girl. You should consider tubal ligation. You don’t really want to spread those loser genes, do you? You can really go into humiliation here…

These are just a few ideas…. and potential food for thought. There are really lot’s of virgin lands to discover…

So please little beta girls, share your ideas with me.

Guinea Pig Beta Girl

And if there’s some little beta girl who wants to be my little beta girl, and my little guinea pig / experimentation beta girl as I develop this series… contact me. Because I really like to own and train a pathetic little beta girl into accepting what she really is. Of course you would have to be willing to give feedback, and work with me on new files.

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