I got a two mails recently asking why I do so many files for girls recently, and when I do some gay files again. Or just files for men.

Well… there will be new files. There are new gender neutral files.

It’s also a question of feedback though. I don’t know if it’s because the women are more active or willing to write feedback. But I know that when I post a file for women I often have a few pieces of feedback within 24 hours. The difference is massive, something like 10 to 1. My last for women file is one week old at this point and has 8 comments. My last dedicated gay file is 8 month old and has one comment (just asking for more).

And now put yourself in my position. Which files would you produce more? The ones where you get a lot of feedback, which also often inspires you and gives you new ideas? Or the files that are answered with complete silence?

Exactly. If you get one line of feedback in 8 month, it doesn’t feel like anybody really wants this kind of file.

And then there is the little fact that the feedback – especially “real” feedback (giving your ideas, experience, thoughts, ect.) – very often inspires new file ideas.

So let’s turn this around. You want files? Inspire me. Or at least let me know what you want.

Comment to this thread and give me a better idea what you want… and I’m game.

Little Boys

Someone brought up the thought that I’m a lot tamer to little boys than I am to little girls.

And I wonder: Is it true?

True, I do have more female humiliation files. But then that’s the feedback again. If you get a lot of feedback, asking for something more extreme, you push it. If you don’t, you don’t.

Then again, I made a few quite extreme male files too. Things like Subway or Little Boy.

What do you think?

I’m really curious how my listeners (of both genders) perceive it.

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  1. Subby Sabrina
    Subby Sabrina says:

    What always distinguished you in my mind is that you don’t make a difference.

    I think most tists and men in general treat women like they are super fragile. Even though some tists use stereotypical sexism, it ends after that. It’s like a lot of things are okay to do to a guy, but not okay to do to a woman. Even if she wants it.

    I’m a woman, not a fragile creature that needs to be protected. When I want to be humiliated, I want to be humiliated, not being treated like I’m too fragile to really play.

    You never do that. You make intense files for men and women and let them decide for themselves if it get’s them off or not. I think you don’t consider women to be weak or needing “protection”. And I like it very much.

    And most of your files are gender neutral anyway. So you don’t make a difference there either.

    • Julia
      Julia says:

      I agree. You just treat man and women alike. I really love that about you.

      As for file ideas for men: I’m a woman, but I could imagine a lot of guys like intense humiliation too.

    • Seur
      Seur says:

      While I do like the idea of gay-specific/male-specific files, this does hit it on the nose, if you ask me. Even as a gay man, I’m hard pressed to think of any ideas you could explore. Perhaps cum play suggestions (e.g. make a mess of yourself or eat it)? Anal suggestions that relate to your own erection (e.g. fuck yourself)?

  2. David G
    David G says:

    An idea I have for a file, would maybe be turning a top into a bottom either by fantasy or just a normal file. Maybe for the fantasy a sports team/locker room.

  3. Mark
    Mark says:

    I would like to see some kind of follow-up to The Fox… maybe something to strengthen the sensation. Also if you don’t already have one (maybe I just have not found it yet), a random arousal file like a tease with punishment if you give in! Just some thoughts

  4. Jennie Snorn
    Jennie Snorn says:

    I only found you recently, and as an already well trained (male) sissy maid, I have been enjoying your feminisation, maid, and cleaning files very much as well as a few of the other fantasy files.

    I also very much enjoyed your interactive secretary training file, so perhaps there could be interactive maid training?

    Or in relation to your question about gay content, perhaps an interactive cock-sucking training file (where the listener should have a realistic dildo to suck)?

    I understand why you would focus on the content you get feedback about, so I have subscribed to your newsletter and will comment more in future.

    Thank you for your files

  5. Noah
    Noah says:

    Sorry if this comment is late I’m only now catching this blog post! As someone who enjoys all of your files, I completely understand the feedback loop and how important it is to you. If you’re getting 10x as many comments for female-focused files than you are gender neutral or male, by all means make more for that audience! They shouldn’t be punished just because a small minority don’t enjoy them, well of course the ones that consent to being punished is a totally different story! 😉

    As long as you don’t stop making gender neutral files or male-focused files, I’ll continue being a fan. I can enjoy the female-focused ones as well, but I have zero problem waiting longer for your male-focused ones if that makes sense.

    For suggestions; would it be possible to create a google forms (or alternative) link to every single file you upload on this site that people can optionally fill out and submit? Questions being predetermined by you so that we know what kind of feedback you really desire. Sometimes I want to send you feedback on files but don’t really know where to start, do I just rant about my experiences? Do I just demand 100 things? So a short form with questions you really want answers to for each file would be great!

    For file ideas; YES more of subway and little boy are amazing. Humiliation, degradation, submission, you all do them really well. Positions incorporated within the files are also so vivid and well done that it makes it super easy to remain in trance and feel what’s going on. My only problem with subway was that the wake up felt a little abrupt and shift in mood, don’t get me wrong the positive felt great but it would have been nice if there was still a tease remaining like the potential that it wasn’t really a dream because you enjoyed it so much.

    For the questions asked; yes you can 100% go more extreme. More vulgar words (don’t be afraid to even use homophobic terms, as long as you clarify like you did in your Misogyny files that this is just play for those who consent), more toying, more daddy roles, more teasing. All of it is fantastic. I think that’s the way a lot of your female listeners feel as well, that they can absolutely take the punishment you give out Sir, same way the males do I’m sure of it.

  6. James
    James says:

    I love your male files. Could you possibly make a (temporary) straight to gay/himbo or a top to bottom file? Love that kind of stuff. Also forced sterotypical slutty twink stuff is great

  7. Bill
    Bill says:

    I just recently found your site. I’m a bisexual male and I’m currently listening to the Sexuality Restructure:Cock and Cock Addiction files. Thanks for providing these and I really find them helpful. I find that my attraction towards men is greater than my interest in women. My interest is in muscle worship. A session that would peak my craving, desire, lust, and need for satisfying muscular men with hard cocks. Something emphasizing experiencing the strength and power of muscular men and intensely describing the look, feel, taste and smell of muscular men…the hardness of their muscles, the definition, vein popping, tanned, sweaty, oiled up muscles that skyrocket your arousal level and need to suck a hard muscular cock and feel the rock hard muscles of a dominant alpha male.


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