I wanted to thank everyone on my bearer of shame discord channel. It’s a small but very enjoyable little community.

I also want to give you a big thank you for all the guinea pigging you recently did. I very much enjoy the luxury to be able to just put up a new file and quickly get input to it, from sanity checking it to quality control. Very cool, and something I wanted for a long time. Thank you.

As a side comment: Sometimes it’s not easy to judge your work. Is it just your usual weasels telling you it’s bad (aka you being your harshest critic) or did you indeed have a bad day and it just didn’t flow. So the ability to get feedback fast is incredibly valuable.

And well… on a site note. I happen to be in a very evil mindset, and I really enjoy my beggars of shame channel. And making little audios for you. And humiliating my little bearers of shame…

So yeah. Thank you. I really enjoy it!

P.S. If you are listening to Bearer of Shame, or maybe are a fan of the Misogyny series, or happen to be a beta girl, and are of course interested to actively take part in our little community, contact me and I give you a link to join.

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