Now that I left tumblr I think I’m going to do more general updates here in the future.

I haven’t been in the right head space for recording for quite a while. There have been a lot of things going on, lot’s of distractions and real life happenings that blocked me a bit. But right now I think I’m coming back. Feeling kinky again. So expect some fun new files in the future.

Oh… and to all bearers of shame. I recorded the Level 3 loop, and it should soon go up soon. And don’t forget to check out the Bearer of Shame discord. Maybe you can become one of my little guinea pigs and test the new BoS files first…

New Mic

I finally got a new mic.

Well, tbh it wasn’t the mic I was aiming for, but saving for a new mic for a long time and I thought I should finally update my hardware a bit.

At any rate, it sounds a hell of a lot nicer than my old mic, and the lower frequencies are far more voluminous. Very nice.

A little sample:

Of course this means there will be a few mixed files, using inductions recorded with the old mic, while I slowly redo the inductions with the new mic. Probably doing a new version of the Leash and Fractionation Inductions.

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