Yes Sir 3.5 – Deep Submission

This is another deep dive. How deep can you fall into trance? And into the control of my words? Can you get so lost in trance the only thoughts in your mind are “Yes Sir.”?

Let’s take you on a deep journey into surrender and submission and find out together. And along the way reinforce the “Yes, Sir.” trigger.

Note: As always listen to the previous files before you dive into this.

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13 replies
  1. Della
    Della says:

    You really are evil – I was already panting and shaking with pleasure during the fractionation induction and then I woke up kneeling. One of these days you’re literally going to make me melt into a mindless puddle of bliss and it’ll be the best possible way to go

  2. dophin
    dophin says:

    Have to say this file actually made me go deeper in trance than ever before, I was still in trance like state after a full night of sleep

  3. Steamy
    Steamy says:

    Oh sir, thank you deeply for this session. Waking up and kneeling left me feeling confused and yet great. I love what your voice does to me.

  4. Kardarius
    Kardarius says:

    Sir can you please tell me, Why i’m on my knees. Actually why don’t I remember. But anyways like this one thank you, And don’t worry I will remember sooner or later. Hopefully?

  5. Kardarius
    Kardarius says:

    Thank you sir for still working on this series. It feels better and better, I can’t stop listening to them.

  6. RacheLLe
    RacheLLe says:

    i listened to the bonus amnesia file just before listening to this one and …

    i have no idea what happened in this file too. I read comments and people are talking about kneeling,
    i didn’t kneel when file was over

    ty sir for this file 🙂

  7. Carlie
    Carlie says:

    I am a older challenge slave for Master Ed in the arcade Master said to listen to your voice and be more obedince

  8. Amy
    Amy says:

    I remember the first question, and then I woke up on my knees and had to stay there a few minutes because I was so confused. I finally remembered that I started the trance, and things started to make sense why I was there. 🤣 I feel very loved and at peace though, so whatever was in the trance, thank you. 😊❤️


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