Yes Sir 4 – Surrender

As the name implies, this file is about surrender.

But then again, so is the whole series. Instead of using deep relaxation as the focus for the hypnosis, the “Yes, Sir.” series is using your submission, your surrender, and the resulting subspace as the focus. It’s always been your own surrender that drove you deeper in this series. And there is really no limit to how deep you can surrender.

So, are you ready to surrender even deeper into trance and my control?

Note: As always, make sure you listened to the previous parts before you listen to this one.

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  1. Della
    Della says:

    It’s getting hard to think straight after trance – I can still hear the yes sir. I can’t remember any of it any more, it just feels so good and I just want more

  2. RacheLLe
    RacheLLe says:

    again a wonderful trance, it’s very hard to put words on what’s going on, i was semi conscious,
    loosing track of time, very fractionnated, deep, chaining files, hard to remember..

    one minute after listening my mind is chanting yes sir in my mind, i surrender .. wow .. ( **)

    (**) i wrote the feedback a day before posting this comment and i don’t know if i mean that i was chanting yes sir in my mind when i was still listening to the file or after i was done listening to the file

    ty so much for this file sir 🙂


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