This one is for all the gainers out there.

This recording will turn you into a massive gainer. And yes, I had to do the pun. You will begin to associate arousal with hunger, with the desire to eat. It will be easier to fall into a state where you indulge without anything holding you back. It also gives you an awareness that you’re not alone, that there are other gainers out there. It makes you want to connect with the scene. And it changes your perception – after all you are proud of your gains, and you want to outgain all the other gainers out there. And you will feel good about it. You also might wake up hungry. And you might want some food and drinks ready.

Note: This recording is hard to describe. There are a lot of little changes of behavior and perception. A lot of suggestions of self acceptance. And a lot of gainer training. This recording not designed to to turn you into a gainer, but it will reinforce your gainer mindset. Massively. And change your behavior as to reach your goals while accepting yourself. Be sure what you want.

This recording was commissioned by Kametzer.

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