There are so many monster battle things… and Subbymon is the IRL version… for kinksters.

This is the first step of the Subbymon training. It will give you the trigger that transforms you, set’s up safeties, and leaves you with the desire to continue your training.

After you listened to this file you have to come up with a Subbymon name, and decide which class of Subbymon you are. The next step is to listen to the trance file for your class, and finally to trigger pack, before your dom is able to have you battle against another Subbymon.

The concept of the game:

The doms bring their subbymons who have some kinky “attack” triggers, and then the battle begins. And when a subbymon is too horny / subby / dumb to continue – it lost. Of course all the subbymons have trained with the same file before so they can experience all the attack triggers used on them. There are a few neutral triggers, and a few class specific triggers for every class. Every subbymon has a set number of skillpoints the dom can use to “buy” triggers the subbymon can use.

There are different classes of course. There are dumbing / arousing / and subbying subbymons.

– Dumbing or bimbo subyymons have attacks that confuse or dumb down their opponents. They’re very effective against arousal subbymons, but weak against subby subbymons.

– Arousing or slut subbymons have attacks that leave the opponent horny and needy. They’re very effective against subby subbymons, but weak against dumbing subbymons.

– Subby or slave subbymons have attacks that leave the opponent submissive and tamed. They’re very effective against dumbing subbymons, but weak against arousing subbymons.

And to make it extra fun the programming session is a fantasy of being captured by their dom and then trapped in their subbyball and brainwashed. Given the desire to fight for their dom and make them proud.

And just for fun they’re limited to say their subbymon name. (imagine you have a dumbing subyymon named “bimbo”)

Let the tournament begin!

Gotta dom them all!

NOTE: The files for the classes and the first trigger pack will come during the next days!

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