You’re going to have a wetspot on your panties for the next week.

Wetspot is an evil one week curse, forcing you to have a wetspot. Every time it dries off, you have to refresh it. And every time you change your panties, the first thing you will have to do is create a new one. Either you have to touch yourself trough your panties, or you have to stimulate yourself in any other way. Whatever you do, you have to wear a wetspot.

And the wetspot will become a badge of honor for you. It will remind you that you are a slut, someone who embraces their sexuality without any shame and guilt. Wearing it will become a powerful trigger. Even just subconsciously knowing you have the wetspot will cause a constant flow of pleasure. And whenever you consciously think about it, or even touch yourself trough your wetspot, all your most slutty and arousing thoughts will invade your mind.

And if you try to disobey and wear dry panties – you will find that you’re allergic against them. You will feel 15 min of growing pleasure, then 15 min of a growing itch. And it keeps cycling back and forth, tempting you with pleasure, and tempting you with the desire to scritch the itch. It will just continue to wear you down until you give in and create the wetspot.

There are safeties. You can wear clean panties when you know you will get into a situation where other people can see them (like a doctors visit), and the effects of the file will fade in the background when you have to function (like at work). Otherwise you will be trapped in this curse.

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