Just a Toy II – Playing with the other toys…

You’re just a toy. And now it’s time to go on the journey to connect with your kind, to spend time with other toys…

So you listened to “Just a Toy“ and know that being a toy defines you more than being a human being. And now it’s time to start on the amazing journey to connect with you kind. Because you know you’re just one of the toys.

You’re no different from any other toy. And every toy will remind you that you’re just a toy. You are all the same. You exist to bring humans pleasure, joy, entertainment, and fun. You’re all owned by a human.

You will never play with any other toys again. You’re just a toy too. So you will instead spend time with other toys, with your friends. And it will be an amazing experience. Of course you will still experience the same joy and fun. But it’s also like coming home for you, especially after you had to be a human. You feel warm, safe, and connected with the other toys. It’s where you belong. With your kind. Because you are just a toy.

Read this: This is an intense experience. Only listen to this if you have listened to “Just a Toy” and really want to become a toy first and foremost. Listen at your own risk.

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