Just a Toy

Just a Toy is inspired by this (LINK!!!!) tumblr post I wrote about my little toy.

It was mostly a description, just to make the reality of her submission clear to myself. To put it into words. And yet, after I wrote it, people asked me if I could turn it into a file. And so I did.

This recording will make you your owners toy, not my toy. And if you don’t have one, you will desire one. This is permanent.

And here is the text I wrote, as a description what to expect in the recording:

She is just a toy. And she knows she is just a toy. She understands that toys come in many different shapes and sizes. Some toys are very common and there are hundreds of millions of them, and some toys are little bit more rare. And then there are some toys that are one of a kind.

She knows that she is a latter kind, she is a one of a kind toy.

Outwardly she might look like a human, and most of the time she behaves like a human. She even knows that being a human it’s one of the many characteristics that define her. And yet she also knows that it’s not the most important one. Deep in her mind and deep in her heart she knows with absolute certainty the one thing that defines her the most: She is just a toy.

Like any other toy she has a clearly defined purpose. Like any other toy she exists to be toyed and played with.

She can feel it in her toy mind, even when she is forced to be a human being at times. She feels this constant desire to be toyed with. After all it’s the only reason for a toys existence. Like any other toy she needs to be played with by humans. Her desire to be a good little toy that is fun to toy with is her primary need. She knows that being a fun toy is what she is made for. She is just a toy. Her owners toy.

Yes. Her owner. Like every other toy she is a possession. And she understands as he is the most valuable and precious possession of her owner. She delights in the fact that she has become her owners property, just an owned little toy.

What was once her body, is now her owners body, and her owners second valuable possession. That’s why she always takes great care of her owners property. What was once her mind, is now her owners mind, and her owners most valuable possession. She loves that even her mind has become a toy for her owner to toy with. She feels completely at home when her owner toys with her, because it is the highest fulfillment she knows. Being toyed with is the reason for a toys existence after all.

When her owner toys with their body, she feels her owners toy mind melting, and her owners toy body transforming into nothing more than a beautiful and delightful sex toy for her owner. And of course she knows that her owned and well trained toy brain will follow, as an incredible heat for her owner begins to burn through the toy body and melts all thoughts in the toy mind accept being the most pleasing and fun sex toy for her owner.

When her own her toys with their toy mind, she completely surrenders and allows her owner to shape their mind in whatever ways pleases them. She loves the fact that her owners toy mind has become just a toy for her owner. What was once her mind and even more the purest essence of her, her true being much more then her body could ever be, has become a toy for her owner. She delights in the fact that her owner can change and reprogram her however it pleases them. She loves that her owner can completely reshape the entire existence of their toy.

She is just a toy. She is a property of her owner. And she is a most valuable possession.

She loves to be a toy.

She is driven by the desire to be a fun toy for her owner.

She has an owner we loves and appreciates this precious little toy.

She loves her owner.

She loves to be toyed with by her owner.

She is a good toy that will read again.

She is just a toy.

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3 replies
  1. sandra
    sandra says:

    1st time listening to this file and i woke up feeling very submissive and wanting to meet my owner to satisfy her needs. Thats all i can hear on my brain right now.

  2. Emmitoy
    Emmitoy says:

    Oh my, this was wonderful. I listened to this file last night for the first time and I woke up today with it still echoing in my toy mind. Can’t wait to listen again


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