Possession is a rather evil recording that makes you aware that your body belongs to your owner.

This recording is designed for submissives in an ownership / possession dynamic. It will drive the point home that you are the property of your owner. Your body is the property of your owner. Because you have surrendered the ownership over it, over the most precious thing you have owned and will ever own to your owner.

Of course, having borrowed something as valuable from your owner, you want to take the best care you can of their body. And every time you clean or maintain the property of your owner, you will be reminded that it’s not your body anymore. Of course you want to take the best possible care of their property. And every time you do so, you will drop into subspace and become even more of a possession.

You will also be reminded every time you meet your owner. Doesn’t matter how long you have been separated, the moment you meet them, you will feel it. For one second it will take over your mind, reminding you that you are just a possession.

This file plays heavily on the ownership aspect. You will drop into a state where you perceive your body as their body, as their possession. All that you have left is your mind, your thoughts, your personality. And even those are likely submissive to your owner. After all, you are trapped in this body they own, in their control.


This file is for people in an established ownership / possession dynamic. It is very intense. You will feel completely owned. It will permanently increase this state and make you a possession. Be sure it’s what you really want before you listen. Listen at your own risk.

Note: There is an anti abuse safety in this file to prevent it being used unsymbiotically. If your owner / dominant ever abuses the power and trust (in a non kinky way), all effects will be permanently removed. For safety reasons this is also mirrored in the subliminals so it’s impossible to cut out of the file. If you try to use this recording to take advantage of people in a non-symbiotic way it will backfire.

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    • WereSlut Trainer
      WereSlut Trainer says:

      It should as long as it’s a person you have pictures of and feel in your mind that you are owned by them.


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