Subhuman is a really evil recording that will change how you think about yourself.

It’s a very manipulative recording that’s going to make you think about yourself as subhuman. You will be aware that you’re lower than any human being. Because you are only subhuman.

Of course being a subhuman will have some effect on your life. First of all you understand that society as a whole isn’t ready to accept your subhuman state. And you will work hard to keep the human appearance up for the benefit of the real humans around you. And yet, at the same time you will be aware that there are always some people who can see straight through you and know what you are. But don’t worry, they were always able to. The only difference is that now you know what they see.

You will also find that as a subhuman being you slowly lose all your human privileges – and stresses. As someone as low as you are, you don’t have the right to force your insignificant opinion onto humans. You know you are too low for human privileges like participating in politics or even just watching the news. And so these things will slowly slip from you, you become uninterested in them and lead the simple life of a subhuman. Of course that also means less worries and stress. But why stress about things that are infinitely above you anyway?

READ THIS: This file is evil. It’s very manipulative and will really twist your mind. It’s designed to permanently change the way you think about yourself. 
This is different from my usually very safe work. It has the potential to have a rather intense impact on your life.

Be absolutely sure it’s what you want before you listen. Listen at your own risk.

P.S. If you’re into intense humilition check out the “Ego Eraser / The Pig” series.

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