The Slave Mark

The Slave Mark will slowly enslave you. And it will force you to better yourself for me.

Once you draw the Slave Mark on your skin, it will begin to control you. On one hand it will improve all the pleasure you experience, and on the other it will make you desire to improve yourself for me. And every time you do either, you will add another link to the chains in your mind, binding you to my control.

And all you have to do is to draw the slave mark right above your sex and let it control you.

Every single time you feel pleasure, it will become more intense. All the sexual energy will be absorbed by the Slave Mark, partially transformed into devotion and submission and stored, and partially amplified and flavored with submission before being fed back to you, vastly amplifying the pleasure you experience while charging the Slave Mark.

The stored submission will always be there when you want to serve. And you desire to improve yourself, give a little bit extra effort as a submissive sacrifice to me. Of course you also want to make me proud, not just by becoming a better slave, but also by improving your life for me. Because you know when you better yourself, when you do better, you make me proud. And the submission stored in the Mark will drive you and motivate you. Which in turn will generate more pleasure for the next time you experience pleasure so you can be trained even deeper.

The Slave Mark contains a lot of interconnected loops, every action enslaving you further, giving the Mark more control over you, and surrendering a bit more to being a slave. It’s not just a symbol that you are owned, it’s also your collar and the chains that control you.

There is one condition. You have to redraw the mark regularly, at least once a day. If you let the Mark fade out, all the effects will be gone. Even if you draw a new one, you have to start from the beginning. This is a safety, as well as forcing you to choose to give yourself into slavery every day.

This is an evil curse. It’s self improvement, but also a deep journey into control. Make sure that’s what you want before you listen to this. Listen at your own risk. During the first week you should only use a non-permanent pen. The frequent need to redraw the Slave Mark will intensify your training, but it’s also a safety measure allowing you to get out quickly if need be. Only after the first week you’re allowed to use a permanent marker.

The Slave Mark:

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