As some of you might know, I’m fascinated with everything control for the better part of my life. And one of the things on my bucket list is to find someone with whom I can live it on a really, really deep level. Someone who really wants Serious Mental Control.

I’m talking about a long term project, real mental / behavior modification with all the stops out, using all the evil little tricks more than 20 years of learning gave me.

Of course at the level of control I’m aiming for you have to let go of a few fantasies. The goal of the “brainwashing” is something we can determine together, especially as in this intensity is has to work with your life. For me it’s not so much what I do with it, but really having this deep control over someone. Changing someones behavior and personality, not just in the usual superficial ways, but really, really deep.

And so I can finally tick that one of my bucket list, I’m looking for someone who wants to experience this level of control. As I’m looking for a while already, let me put give you some pointers what I want / don’t want.

I want someone who’s really into it. Who wants this level of control, but is also able to give good feedback on eye level between the sessions, otherwise this can’t work. Someone who is willing to adhere to a certain schedule for the sessions, without some regularity this is pointless. And of course, you would have to live somewhere reasonably close to the ruhr area (Ruhrgebiet) in Germany (or maybe close to the border in the Netherlands), to enable regular sessions.

I might also add that this doesn’t have to involve physical sex in any way, this is about fucking a mind, not a body. That part is optional.

As I said, looking for a long time, and run mostly into two categories of people:

The first are the “Do anything you want with me!” It’s a nice fantasy, and I get where you’re coming from. But it also let’s me conclude you don’t understand what level of control I want to exercise. If I were just to do what I want without negotiation, it would most certainly have a strong negative impact on your life.

The second is the people who just enjoy the fantasy. Who want to negotiate it to get them off, but not more. That’s why I would want to meet face to face relatively quickly. I won’t write hours worth of mails with explanations and negotiation.

Maybe I find someone who would enjoy it this way.

Feel free to contact me!


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