Dark Freya

A good friend of mine is going into the erotic hypnosis game, and I thought I support her by doing some advertising.

She goes by “Dark Freya” and she’s doing a commercial approach, with a very high end recording quality. She has really nice scripts (I might have had my fingers in them too) and a very safe and positive style. And she is as safety conscious as I am, taking great care to be safe and fun.

So far she has these files:

14 Day Chastity: Makes it impossible to have an orgasm for the next two weeks, while increasing arousal, and has some light femdom elements.

Two Week Chastity File by Dark Freya

Censored: This one is inspired by the censored meme (like this) and makes it impossible to look at any exposed breasts or pussy for one week, or use derogatory terms for them.

Censored File by Dark Freya

Panty-Boy: A very positive and empowering feminization file. Brings you in touch with your feminine side, encourages wearing panties, and reduces shame and fear.

Pantieboy File by Dark Freya


You can also read her Interview, and there should be a (free) introductory file shortly.

Take a look, and maybe spread the word a little bit…

Listen to her free hypnosis on Dark-Freya.com now!

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