The MEEHU Experience…

I’m back from MEEHU and even got some sleep…

I don’t really know where to start, it was an amazing weekend full of wonderful people and one incredible experience after the next, with barely a moment to catch your breath, so excuse me if this is going to be long, even though this will just the highlights…

First of all let me thank everyone who was there, it was really amazing. You are all absolutely incredible! Thanks for having me, and being so open and welcoming!

Let me start with the classes, I attended some really amazing ones, but if I had to pick just one it would have been the “Intimidation and Interrogation” class by the fabulous Mr. Prism and Mrs. Prism. It was a brilliant class, and it left me with a lot of ideas and inspirations. They also invited me to participate in an impromptu interrogation demonstration, a good cop / bad cop scene which was a hell of a lot of fun.

As you can expect on a con like MEEHU, there was a ton of trancing going on the whole time, thanks to everyone who tranced me or has been tranced by me! A few of the highlights were:

– A wonderful hypnotic orgasm session with Wiseguy and the amazing Mrs. Prism as our subject which was incredibly fun and intense. We just pushed her further and further with every orgasm becoming stronger and more intense, and we played for a really long time. The co-trancing was really fun and we had a really good rapport, working together without any words needed. And Mrs. Prism was an amazing subject, she got into it to the point where it became hard work to hold her down on the sofa. Thank you guys for this amazing session.
– Some multilingual trancing, dual trancing in german, and in french and german (without the subject understanding)
– Red Herring demonstrated an amazing trance that helps to improve the visualization skills. The concept is absolutely brilliant, and it’s very effective. And the best thing is, he has given me permission to turn it into a file. I don’t want to spoiler too much right now, but look out for it, you will love it.
– A wonderful quick trance with the amazing Ella Enchanting, who just flitted around my head, her voice seemingly coming from all sides at once, which was insanely trippy. She is an absolutely wonderful person, and she radiated such an unbelievably positive energy. (Thanks again for everything, you’re absolutely amazing!)

I also met Minddiver and we had some fun trances together. He wrote a nice post about some of the shenanigans. It was really fun to sneak up on him and just whisper “probe” into his ear. Thanks for playing with me, and it was really cool to meet you in person! Would have loved to do more with you, and to chat a bit more, but I guess both our dance cards filled up pretty quickly.

I had a few absolutely wonderful interrogation scenes, it was mostly cold war themed, and every scene was different but amazing in it’s own right. Among other good scenes there was a good cop / bad cop scene where I had an amazing rapport with the other dom. We just worked together without the need for words, and just alternated pouncing on our victim. We tried to get a code out of the enemy agent that activates her sleeper identity, and before the scene she was also hypnotized by her “handler” to believe that telling her the code will destroy her normal identity, which was incredibly intense. There was also a dual interrogation which allowed to play on empathy, torturing person a to make person b talk, which was absolutely brilliant.

Chewtoy, Siren, and me held a class about recording MP3’s, and Chewtoy brought some equipment to demonstrate during the class, most noticeably 3D earplug microphones you can use to do 3D head recordings using a real person. Those things really begged me to play with them, and the idea was born to record an induction together. And that’s what we did, we had a nice volunteer who sat down and wanted to work really hard to stay awake, and started the recording.

The whole thing was a blast! It wasn’t easy to focus, because I would have loved to just sit down and watch them doing there stuff. Sometimes I heard fragments and thought “wow, cool idea!” and really had to get back to my own game. And it was absolutely wonderful to see Siren during the recording. Unlike Chewtoy and me she had the foresight to take off her shoes to avoid footsteps, and halfway in she was holding the sides of her dress up and was skipping around the microphone / volunteer and smiling gleefully while radiating an amazing energy, you could really tell that she loved the thought of bringing anyone who’s going to listen the file right down into a deep trance. For some reason the words “delightfully evil hypno fairy” came to mind. Amazing! Thanks to everyone involved for making this possible!

You also want to stay tuned for the recording…

I got a wonderful pocket watch from Mrs. Prism. Thank you, I really love it. I actually haven’t owned a pocket watch for a long time, and as a real evil tist… I should have one! It’s not only a beautiful piece, it’s also very hypnotic. You can see the face of the clock through the cover and it has a lot of shiny surfaces, perfect for trancing people. And even better, it comes with a very hypnotic story of how I got it on a hypno convention, so it’s absolutely perfect! Thank you very much.

I had an amazing time, and it was really… wow! Thank you to everyone who was there and made it this amazing convention!


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