I’m officially completely fed up answering certain questions.

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all feedback, and I enjoy interacting with you guys. Keep all of that coming. And feel free to ask me (almost) anything.

But I get a lot of pointless questions, and I spend something like 20-25 hours a week replying to people. If I shave off the useless questions, I could easily create a file more every week. It’s also incredibly frustrating. Feel a bit like Sisyphus.

Let me list what kind of question I won’t reply to in the future (slightly ranty):

– Shitty file requests. It should be obvious I like symbiotic BDSM. I like consent. So please stop sending me requests for abusive files. I will never NEVER (really never! Doesn’t matter how often you ask!) make a file that’s supposed to do something while really doing something fucked up. I won’t trick any listener. It’s all above board. It just won’t happen. And I don’t justify it to you why I won’t do it, it should be clear to any sane person. (And folks, you have no idea what sick shit I’m dealing with)

– Magic file requests. Hypnosis can’t make you bigger, smaller, can’t make you breasts or your penis bigger or smaller, it can’t magically change your genitals, and can’t do other magical stuff. And if you think you can make it magically working – don’t argue with me, make magic files and earn a pile of money!

– “Tech support questions”: Since I started to make the loops, about 5-10 people a day ask me how to loop an mp3. Of course they expect me to know which mp3 player / app on their phone / software on their computer they use, and of course I have to know all of them. If I were that kind of tech support genius and know every software and device there is – I wouldn’t do hypnosis.

– Questions answered in the FAQ’s. I have those for a reason, and I even answer questions that pretty much don’t have anything to do with my site. Like how to download files. You should know how your equipment works. Again, I’m a tist, not some universal tech support.

– Questions about files that are clearly answered in the description. My descriptions are usually 3-5 sentences long. Still happening all the time. Drives me bonkers. Is it really too hard to read a few sentences? (ask me if something is unclear, that’s no problem. But please read the description first!)

From this day on I will take the liberty of simply ignoring this kind of messages. Everything else is still more than welcome.


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  1. Rupert
    Rupert says:


    I’m sorry you have to deal with that ViVe, I can promise you I and many others still really appreciate your work.


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