I collared my little girl!

So a few days back I collared my little girl! And now I’m very proud to own a smart, cute, sexy and wonderful little girl! And she’s mine! As you can tell I’m very, very happy!

I don’t want to tell too much about the ceremony, that’s a private thing… I guess it’s enough to say that it was very nice!

But I guess I can talk a little bit about the collar and the cuffs… She’s wearing Wyredslave Ouroboros Collar (7mm with a satin concave tag – like in the picture below) and Cuffs and I really like them! They are completely stainless steel and all laser engraved on the locks… and of course on the tag…

7mm collar with tag, Picture used with kind permission of Wyredslave

Unboxing our cuffs

Getting the collar and cuff was also nice, the folks at Wyred really took their time to work on the design with us and really made sure everything is exactly right!

About wearing them… my little girl considered the cuffs to be “a part of her” within hours and wasn’t really willing to take them off for the collaring ceremony after she was allowed to put them on in advance, the collar took a bit time to get used to at night (especially with very hot weather and a uncomfy bed on vacation) but she wore it at day, and for the last few days is wearing it 24/7 too… To quote her as it had to come off for a while yesterday: “Damn.. it feels unnatural not to wear it”! So yes, I can really recommend the collar (and cuffs), very individual with the engraving, completely vanilla compatible and comfortable! People really think it’s just a very cool piece of jewelry! I have to quote a little anecdote from their site that amused me in that context: “So well do they blend into the vanilla world Katie and I once found ourselves at a climbing wall with a group who were joking and making double entendres about bondage and climbing rope. While Katie stood innocently among them with a steel collar locked on and no one the wiser.”

So yes, we’re really happy with it!

I guess all in all what I liked best about the whole thing and why I endorse them the way I do is that they really understand it! The significance it has! They didn’t only made sure it’s perfect (as it should be for 24/7 wearing) but also the little details… it came beautifully packed… fitting the occasion! So you don’t just break it out of some plastic box, but it was wrapped in black satin paper with a bow… not too extravagant – it just felt right for a collaring… It’s hard to put it into words, but this love for details really made it all perfect! And it’s what symbolizes the passion with which they do it!


P.S. Someone just noted I sound like an ad… Yes, admittedly – I do! But – it’s not because they gave us anything for it (at least in a material sense) – but because I really feel this way! It’s (sadly) not every day you have this kind of service! The whole design process wasn’t “sterile” – we talked about the artwork and the collar but also about this and that and it was nice! You could feel the passion! That they not just wanted to make a quick sell – but to make it perfect! I know the thing with the packaging may sound silly – I might have thought the same before – but yes… a collaring is something special – something very special! And they did what they could to make it as good as possible! There were a lot of those tiny things! And I’m very thankful that the experience was even better!

I guess I can’t say anything to convince any doubters – and that’s ok! But I’m really happy! And I wish you would find this kind of passion more often!

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  1. nicole
    nicole says:

    Hello Vive,

    I know this already happend some time ago.
    Anyway it’s always right to wish you and your slave girl all the best. I’m not collared, but I compare it with something like a marriage, which is/was an important step in your both lives.



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