The Web

Ever indulged in the fantasy that your hypnotic fantasies might become reality?

You know the fantasy. The fantasy that you lose yourself in it. That you find this one file that really gets to you, captures you, and addicts you. And this is exactly what the web will do. It will be there in your mind, ready for you to have the wrong thought and trigger it.

And this is exactly that file. I will string my words together in your mind, create chains of thoughts, and spin them all into a nice web. A web in your mind. Always ready for you to step into it, to trigger it.

And every time you trigger it, you will get entangled in it. Feel it restricting your mind, your thoughts. Forcing you to come back again. Controlling you. And every time you happen to step into it and get tangled up, you lose a little bit more control to the web.

Of course this is a string file, so you need a string, anklet, or bracelet you use as the trigger. And this file will only be active as long as you wear it. And if you want to get out of it – just take it off. In this way you can allow yourself to lose control, and yet you will be safe.

This recording is the result of the last patreon chat. Thank you for everybody who helped brainstorming it.

P.S.: This uses a new version of the Leash Induction.

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