The Patriarchy

The Patriarchy is a series of short little loops you can enjoy while pleasuring yourself.

No, I don’t think women are inferior to men. Or lack any ability that men have. Or are in any way weaker than men. Not at all.

Women are not. But you aren’t a strong, independent woman, are you? No, you are not. You are a weak little girl. And you are physically and mentally inferior to men. You do need a strong men to tell you what to think. And nobody is really interested in your thoughts or opinions. You’re just eye candy. And you should surrender to the patriarchy.

And this is the perfect training for you.

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  1. Dumbfuck
    Dumbfuck says:

    You did it again Sir! i luv, luv LUUUUV these files! They left me feeling SUPER silly, slutty, and stupid (not to mention soaked)! i may not be “eye candy” in the eyes of my Betters (aka all Men and most women), but I’m real good at silly, stupid and slutty and it makes me so wet when You say it Sir!

    Thank You again Sir!!

  2. Slave
    Slave says:

    This was so good sir. Such an effective loop that left me wanting more.

    I know this isn’t my place to, but if you could experiment with more descriptive files, that really play with the listeners mind and body. Like instead of telling the listener they have to generally be sexy, getting a little more crass describing for example how our nipples should always be erect for men or that we should be showing off our throbbing pussies as much as we can. To get the imaginative mind really going so we can fall even deeper.

  3. J
    J says:

    This was soooo sexy sir.
    I’m actually a sissy boi here, with a lil suggestion. Could you do a file like this for us sissies? Like “you’re inferior to real men, you exist to please men” type of thing
    Thank you so much sir


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