This file is inspired by the classical Sudo make me a sandwich xkcd comic.

Whenever anyone you allowed to use this trigger gives you a (safe and sane) command preceded by the word sudo you will feel a massive compulsion to obey. And as obedience and fulfilling their commands will feel amazing and fill you with pleasure, you will want to obey even more next time they use the trigger.

Be careful whom you allow to use this trigger. There are safeties, and yet you will feel a strong compulsion to obey. Make sure that they won’t take advantage of your obedience. Be careful with this.

If you prefer a more physical trigger, check out the “Obedience Drug“.

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  1. Warren G Wonka
    Warren G Wonka says:

    I already have one compulsion file, WHO DO YOU OBEY. I originally submitted to it as a present for my wife, but the idea of commanding me repels her. I used it on myself, and it works like a charm to force myself to do tasks that are necessary, but I’d rather not, like running a load of dishes or sorting throug a bag of trash my daughter collected before putting it in the garbage. I pulled out a lot of items with sentimental meaning not to mention a valuable coin collection. I can do it without minding. The one person I share it with is my dental hygienist, who had messed around with hypnosis at college. I cooperate with her and ignore the minor pain. She thinks it’s almost as good as working on an an anæstheised patient.

    I vetted the part of SUDO following the induction and really liked it; my time was limited; so I dropped myself into deep trance with my trigger ESDAILE and submitted to it after your induction. I tested it with a few trivial commands like getting a glass of ice water. It worked quite well. When I completed them, I could feel myself semi erecting. My subconscious approves. I gave myself some non-trivial commands, one of which was getting “SUDO” into my password file on my laptop downstairs. I forgot about it while I watched TV downstairs, and when I had come upstairs, the compulsion kicked in until I had to get my cane, go downstairs, boot up my computer and make the entry.

    Now, when I had gone to bed, I put on my earphones and picked up at least two iterations of the full induction and file. I was out before I got into the chamber, the first time for an unknown number of repetitions. When I deliberately ran it again I was gone earlier in the induction. Haven’t tested the full dose.

    Willy, my subconscious, whom I reward with dry orgasms, is enthusiastic about being commanded.

    • Warren G Wonka
      Warren G Wonka says:

      After retaking the file several times, now I feel a definite erotic excitement when I am fulfilling a command laid upon my subconscious. “Willy, how do you like SUDO?” “I love it, Boss!” He gets his orgasms. I just gave him a very strong reward after he answered, which I can do just by requesting it.

  2. Vader
    Vader says:

    I tried this with pussy addiction together. My wife give me a sudo command and says I can eat her pussy afterwords. Since I am addicted to my wife’s pussy from the puusy addiction file the sudo command pretty much makes me her slave. One day she said sudo you will eat my pussy and always want to obey. That was when I became her slave and love it. One of her favorite things to do to me is tell me to masturbate and cum in my pants. I do it without hesitation. She does not even have to let me eat her pussy now.


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