The Challenge

This is an evil little chastity challenge. It only prevents one person from giving you an orgasm – yourself. Everyone else will be able to push you over the edge, only you yourself can’t do it. You can vary the length of the curse by writing down a time between 1 day and 365 days before you start, if you don’t do it, the curse defaults to one day.

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  1. Taylor Schroeder
    Taylor Schroeder says:

    I absolutely loved this file! Listed to it three times today just for good measure to really get it to sink in. Can’t wait to feel it working!

  2. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    I used a random number generator to make this more of a challenge and got 94. I was planning on edging myself for a long time anyways, so this file is really helpful. Thank you.

  3. AMBER
    AMBER says:

    Nice Hot day to every body,

    1 week already since i start this challenge of 65 days
    every day edging or ruining orgasm.
    frustration growing every day.
    craving more to be taken.
    my tits and clit harder each day.
    hopefully i will stay a sane sluty woman after 65 days.

    • AMBER
      AMBER says:

      3 weeks now since i start this challenge:
      i’m really trap in needing, wanting and frustrated…
      my thougth are so perverted and my arousal come with intense flush of desire to be taken and fucked.
      and other moment i’m quite quiet being frustrated by this challenge.
      my dream start to have some erotic action also.
      i will keep updated on the effect of this challenge.

    • AMBER
      AMBER says:

      Now i do know what it is of edging during hours day after day
      now i do know the feeling of ruined orgasm
      my daily frustration is full of ruined orgasm and so many hours of edging
      I’m really ready to be taken day and night long by whoever wants
      this will last til 15th of august if nobody decide to give one orgasm
      there is some pleasure being aroused abd edging, however frustration is stronger and stronger and make hystérique to be taken
      i start to be able to do whatever it’s needed if someone propose me to fuck me
      i’m crazy in need of sex and get the release that i deserve after such a frustration

  4. Geoff
    Geoff says:

    What this file does is maddening. Choose your days carefully.

    Like the above, I listened to it three times, setting up my number for the next one in a row. Even right afterwards, masturbation is nigh impossible.

    But that’s not the full story of this file. Your arousal becomes ‘Sisyphus pushing the boulder uphill for eternity’. As you get close to the edge – and you can totally just get horny with little issue, all of a sudden your body just ‘shuts off’. Like a power outage. if you push on to regain that edge… your body ‘shuts off’ again. So close, nice try.

    This is just my experience. I eventually – as in, dedicated my entire afternoon – managed to break it, but Christ on a cracker the willpower I needed to do so was absurd. This was my brain – yours may not be so lucky. Especially if you go and condition yourself a few times.

  5. Shae
    Shae says:

    This worked better on me than I even thought. I chose 30 days and it was good, made it easier for me to push my edge and ride the edge longer without ever accidently going over. I never made myself cum for the 30 days, not even ruin. I’ve been doing orgasm denial with my Dom so I kind of went about life as normal and forgot about this file. On the 31st day (I think maybe exactly) I start edging as normal and accidently tip over into a ruin super quickly. I couldn’t figure out why and then I remembered this file saw the date and went, “Oh.” So ya, I might have to use it again lol.


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