Pet Fractionation Loop

This is a fractionation loop that puts you into a nice pet mindset.

Come here, little pet. Just get comfy on my lap, cuddle up, and let me scritch and pet you deep into a trance. And then fractionate you deeper into a carefree and happy pet mindset.

It’s a nice file to have a little break and simply enjoy the pet mindset. To make you feel safe and protected. Or to simply feel like a good pet.

As this is a fractionation, looping this file for a longer time might leave you in a a pet mindset (or just slightly spacey) for the rest of the day.

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2 replies
  1. Onyx
    Onyx says:

    Thank you for this Sir, so very relaxing and soothing just lying thinking of being petted and being a good little pet. Been stroking my tail absent mindedly during factionating and it feels so nice.

  2. Dominique
    Dominique says:

    I loved this file so much! I went down deep, I felt so warm, taken cared of and safe. I’ve been in a kitty mindset today and it was perfect to just cuddle up on a warm lap and rest, being petted… It’s just so comforting and got me down fast. I’m going to try looping it many times soon and I don’t doubt I’ll go even deeper.


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