String of the Human Fleshligh

This string file will turn you into a human fleshlight.

You need either a length of string or a bracelet or anklet for this. You are going to wear it while listening to the recording, and it will become your “String of the Human Fleshlight”. And whenever you wear it, you will be simply that. Just an onahole.

Human fleshlights are the best kind of onaholes. And that’s what you are. A living, breathing fleshlight. The luxury version. With it’s holes always warm and wet and welcoming. Always ready to serve. And yet you are nothing more than a fleshlight. Just a sextoy, a tool to get people off. Something you use.

The string will affect all sexual pleasure you have. When you wear it and you initiate sex, you will turn into a human fleshlight. You will know you are just a masturbation aid. A sex toy, made to get people off. And you don’t have sex. People have sex. You are being used. You want to be the best onahole you can possible be, giving as much pleasure as possible. And you never expect any thanks. Because you know it’s just what you are. A human fleshlight.

And how do you think a human onahole masturbates? There is only one way for you to masturbate. Shoving dildos into your holes and practice pleasuring them. Training yourself to be the best fuck toy you can possibly be. And it’s not about your pleasure. It’s about improving how you can give pleasure. About becoming a better fleshlight.

This will only be active as long as you wear the string.

So do you want to be a living, breathing fleshlight?

Note: This recording is completely gender neutral. However – the use of a fleshlight probably isn’t as much.

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  1. dumbfuck
    dumbfuck says:

    This file is awesome!! Not only does it make the listener feel nice and objectified but it also, when you listen to them whi k e wearing your “string of be a human Fleshlight”, it intensifies the effects of other files that include anything from edging to mindless masterbation . So great!!

  2. Jaymi
    Jaymi says:

    This file works so well. Not only is it, for me a great accompaniment to masterbating but it has also worked in conditioning me to Be an object. Every time I slip my bracelet on I get wet in anticipation. Love it


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