My Chastity Slave

As the name implies, this recording makes you my chastity slave. And no, this is not one of those gentle “you feel safe and comfortable in your cage” files, quite the opposite. I want my chastity slaves to suffer for me. To endure insane lust while they are locked for my enjoyment. And to devote all that pent up heat and frustration to me.

To make this very clear: This is not about your enjoyment of your chastity. It is about my enjoyment of your chastity. My pleasure at having you imprisoned and suffering frustration and denial for me.

And you will suffer. You will learn to love to hate and hate to love the cage. It will be your firm prison. And yet it will also be your collar, your symbol of slavery. And even if the journey there will be hard (unlike that cock that I will own) – you will learn to love to suffer for me and my pleasure. Like a good slave should. Because suffering is submission and teasing yourself is service.

So boy – are you ready yo be my chastity slave?

NOTE: This is a lot more evil than my usual stuff. I’m on a trip to meet some of my subs, I played a lot recently, and i’m in a particularly evil mindset. Use at your own risk. Be aware what you get into. And if you’re not 100% sure you want to end up as my chastity slave… maybe skip this file. You have been warned.

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  1. Jami Redwine
    Jami Redwine says:

    Master is it OK that I remove the front part of my cage to clean it? I do not take off the ring just the front to be cleaned. I really need to know if this is OK. I really want to be a proper chastity slave for you Master.

  2. Chara
    Chara says:

    Hello, just wanted to say that i really love your work, i am a french listener and frankly,i am not sure that, for the moment, it worked (i think, like i said i cant be sure haha 0-0) but i listen to a lot of your files and really like them and i am really impressed by your work


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