5 Min Chastity Piggy Mindfuck

Well, the title says it all.

I was jetlegged, sleep deprived, and in an evil state.

Oinking makes you horny. And locks you in chastity. Oinking is stroking for you now. Have fun piggy.

Listen to this Hypnosis for free now!

You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

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  1. asdhkj
    asdhkj says:

    This is wrong. The homepage of the site makes it appear you’re such an ethical and nice person until you come across literal brainwashing content. The title is literally “mind-fuck”. Your words have an impact on people.

    This should be illegal.

    • M467
      M467 says:

      It’s surprising you could write such an idiotic comment, when you’re illiterate. You have to be since you couldn’t the read the part of the first sentence that says “erotic hypnosis”

    • jsk714
      jsk714 says:

      You can’t be a victim if you seek out things that offend you. It’s up to the individual to choose to participate. Vive provide ways to try out a file or a post file eraser.

      Everyone should read the file’s description and understand the files consequences. I had a couple of bad decisions but I was successful in removing the files. At one point I got really paranoid and”erased” files I should have learned control.

      Unfortunately, when you listen to the cleaner file, everything is gone and you can’t get it back… ever.

      Should hypnosis be illegal or just these files?

      If you are offended, delete your browser history, block the site, and don’t tell anyone about the website that made you feel violated.

    • Yosef
      Yosef says:

      I find Vive to be extremely ethical. He explains what the files entails and hides nothing. There is nothing I hate more than someone who plays the victim card willy nilly. Take responsibility for your life- if you don’t like something, stop trying to cause trouble for others and just walk away.

  2. Chastity Piggy Slave
    Chastity Piggy Slave says:

    Oink 🐷 🐷 I love oinking and snorting in my widdle piggy cage. This piggy loves to add bigger and bigger cocks to their tight asshole while snorting oinking and throbbing in their pathetic cage! Thank you master Vive for showing this piggy their place! 🔒🐷💕

  3. .
    . says:

    You should really give better descriptions of your files. I see this and have no idea how long the files effects last or what I’m actually signing myself up to when I listen.

  4. Ugly useless piggy
    Ugly useless piggy says:

    You turned me in to a piggy im addicted, listening everyday. I can only come when i oink. This is what i am

    • BerlinStateof Mind
      BerlinStateof Mind says:

      This recording must be one of the best there is, at least it got me cumming handsfree in my cage. I’ve been coming back to it for three days now, was really excited to come home and listen to this today. For me, it works even better with poppers. Thank you, vive, and oink, OINK you filthy other pigs around here 🥰🤪


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