My Beta Girl – Part 0

So you want to become my little beta girl?

This is your first taste. Your first, tentative step into your training as a beta girl.

I’m just going to tease you with the idea that you are my little beta girl. Because you know it’s your chance as a beta girl to really serve a man. Of course a beta girl can’t serve sexually, don’t be ridiculous. And yet – it’s so much fun to own a pathetic little beta girl toy. An inferior little toy.

This will still give you the chance. Have a pen ready when you listen, because once you wake up you might desire to mark yourself as my little beta girl.

But be careful little girl… once you mark yourself you’re my little beta girl. And your training begins.

The training for this will be some general beta girl training, and then branch off into modular ideas.

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  1. Subdued
    Subdued says:

    I don’t listen to hypnosis very often but really liked how the first beta girl file made me feel but once the mark faded didn’t bother redoing it. I really really liked the idea that the men who have fucked me to date were just losers desperate for a fuck. I always have been a beta girl always will be a beta girl and didn’t even know it and listening to these two recordings left me with a feeling of that’s me that’s what I am! It was a big turn on being told I’m insiginificant worthless and unfuckable. I was very excited to listen to this and it didn’t dissappoint. When it was over I was very horny and had the impulse to brand myself and of course had to play with my clit imaginning my training as your beta girl. I like the idea that someone knows I’m stupid and worthless and accepts it and can use it. I like the idea that I’ll be horny and desperate and never the one being fucked because why would anyone want to fuck me when there are all those beautiful and intelligent women out there. Very excited and eager to listen to the next one


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