Fucktoy Training

Also known as the evil Fucktoy Brainfuck.

I know it is just a fucktoy.

It might look human, it might at times even have to behave like a human. But I know it is just a fucktoy. It exists to be a life support system for its three fuckholes.

And it knows its place. Or it will know it after listening to this. It exists to be used by cocks. And that’s it. Because it is a fucktoy.

Note: This is serious fucktoy training. It’s humiliating, it’s objectifying, and it will get into your mind. I’m still in quite an evil flow, and this is subtle but manipulative. Be careful. And only listen if you want to become a mindless fucktoy.

Warning: I’m still in an evil flow. This is much more manipulative than it appears at the surface.

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  1. princess sissy
    princess sissy says:

    sissy is of a male anatomy but thinks and acts as a feminine person. after listening this sissy confirms to herself she is a fucktoy. she has always wanted to be submissive to Men, Women or sisters. she has only two holes but has used both to provide pleasure to others. sissy rarely if ever cums but always makes her partner happy. listening sissy felt her little clitty getting harder – this is very, very rare, sissy is almost always limp. sissy thinks it’s because she is imagining sucking cock, being fucked in the ass and feeling a cock in each hand – such a scene is not uncommon to see in pornography, but this training brings it to the front of sissy’s useless little brain. sissy dreams of living with her Master and awaking every day to please him sexually as many ways as He wants. sissy is sharing her vivid dreams. but sissy feels this conditioning her has been as good as if she had three holes

  2. Kylie
    Kylie says:

    Hi im Kylie
    43 year old Mother , i get classed as the trophy wife, by my step sons
    Long time listener to all these MP3 but with husband away for a long period it stepped up during Isolation , but i have to say this one has done it job ,
    During isolation i really started to listen more and couldn’t help it , i would self bondage and put toys and so forth inside me then get into my latex outfit and put the ipods in my ears and set this to loop ,
    3 nights in a row i drifted off to sleep and woke up still trapped and your words playing in my head
    the 3rd morning once out of my self bondage and showering all i could think about was ” i was a fuck toy ” i was getting myself off in the shower and all i could think about was i have to obedient i have to be used by cocks
    later on in the morning in a mind fog on the phone to my sister looking out the window not paying attention to her as she talked i was off day dreaming she said ” Kylie are you listening ” i moaned ” i am a fuck toy ” over the phone she said “what” i said ” i need to be used by cocks” she said something again and i said ” i am a fuck toy” i saw something to my right and my step son was standing hearing me and i exposed my breast and said ” i am a fuck toy ” ………………………omg

  3. PopperBoy2017
    PopperBoy2017 says:

    Hello ViVe; Just listened to this hypno…so good. I am/have long wanted to be, a FuckToy. All of what you said is spot-on correct. As a sissy, I’ll do ANYTHING to enable a cock to be satisfied. Doing so brings real joy. The beauty of all this is that while my opinion and feelings as a FuckToy do not matter, I STILL end up enjoying being used! That’s a true FuckToy! The more humiliating, painful, and aggressive, the better, for that just means I need to up my game as a FuckToy – and meeting that challenge generates satisfaction for this FuckToy. It is all about the cock. Outwardly, I appear as a relatively successful professional. But inside, I know that professionalism is just the price I pay to keep my support units at 100%…ready for whatever cocks I am lucky enough to encounter and serve. Thanks for making this hypno…for it accurately summarizes how I view myself. Happy Holidays to you!


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