Five Minute Sissy Breaker

Yeah Sissy. Just 5 minutes.

I don’t need more to emasculate a little bitch like you.

I need you sitting on a chair. And a sissy should be naked. Lose clothing that allows you access to your little clit works too. And no, you will NOT stroke that pathetic thing. Why would you? It’s useless.

So yeah. Only 5 minutes. No formal induction. Not even gooning. Just a quick, hard, and damaging kick into your fake masculinity.

What can I say – you’re just a sissy bitch.

Do you dare to listen?

Note: While I very much encourage EVERY sissy to wear chastity at all times – you need to have your useless little clit free for this file. Don’t worry, you don’t need to touch it. You will not touch it. And it can go right back into the cage, right where it belongs afterward.

Headphones are mandatory for this one.

Warning: I’m still in an evil flow. This is potentially very damaging for your self perception as a man. Be sure you want to be an emasculated sissy before you listen. Listen at your own risk. This is the kind of mindfuck where you only later find out how hard it hit you.

Listen to this Hypnosis for free now!

You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

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  1. Fatessailor
    Fatessailor says:

    Very addictive! I love it! I would love to hear more. Thank you, Vive! You have a very sexy voice!

  2. sissy dewj
    sissy dewj says:

    sissy was broken indeed and is not sure what her subconscious may hold. but sissy is thankful for the trance. sissy is very much aware of how she needs to be constantly insulted and demeaned and to be of full obedience. Wife has trained her for the last two years. sissy had spent decades dealing with Mistresses in secret from Wife. but when sissy was completely shaved constantly, wore panties, nipple rings, etc. Wife had little doubt and ignored sissy totally. things changed as sissy learned to serve Wife and be totally obedient. sissy is called names, insulted and humiliated in public (not since the covid-19 arrived). all sissy’s income goes to Wife and title to all property is in Her name. sissy is totally dependent and happy, happy, happy to be so. sissy joined patron and has been doing trances, poorly so far.

  3. Pussyboy B
    Pussyboy B says:

    This pussyboy is…trembling. Shivering. There is an ache deep in my hole, deep in my pussy. It makes me think of the fact that my hole is my only useful sex organ–and that the only uses for my clit are peeing and being humiliated. I…I don’t know how deep that file struck me, but I feel unsteady and stunned and…content. Like I just had a suspicion confirmed. Thank you, Master ViVe.

  4. sissy servant 737-820-633
    sissy servant 737-820-633 says:

    You do know me,, no matter how much I hide in the closet.. stroking, sucking and inserting my dildo..My useless clitty tucked away. Waiting for a Superior to take control..


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