Female Sissy

So who ever said you need to be born with man bits to be a Sissy? That’s not what being a Sissy is all about.

It’s just your mind that defines you as a Sissy. It’s an expression of ultimate surrender and submission. Being a Sissy is aspiring to be more – by being less.

It’s about being a hyper feminine little fucktoy. It’s about accepting that you are Sissy, and as a Sissy you’re inferior to pretty much everyone. It’s about surrendering your dignity so you can be more of an eye candy.

So are you ready to find out if you are a Sissy, little girl?

Feel free to stroke your Sissy clit while listening… I’m sure you don’t mind to reinforce the messages…

Note: While this is not per say hypnosis, it is an evil mindfuck. Do not listen to this if you don’t want to be a (female) Sissy. Listen at your own risk.

I guess all the quarantine is making me quite kinky and evil… Be careful!

Listen to this Hypnosis for free now!

You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

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  1. Sdesires
    Sdesires says:

    Sir, yes please please train me more and more inside and out to be the best sissy boi for females and males.

  2. Tiny
    Tiny says:

    I like the way my ” issue” is described, I want and need to totally surrender to my secret. I’m still embarresed and ashamed. After having been a sissy with a man, I feel remorse, I’m both proud and ashamed. I want to be less of a man deep in my mind. I must learn to focus

  3. Dumbfuck
    Dumbfuck says:

    Oh my god!!

    So perfect, Sir! Once again i feel like You’ve read my mind! Lately ive been thinking about how low i am because i fantasize about being humiliated by being treated as a sissy. ive been getting off by thinking about how i’m lower than a male who a sissy cuz the insults lobbed at them are all about them being female, calling their ass hole a pussy and their small dicks a clitty… i actually AM female and i actually HAVE a pussy and a clitty… I’m other words, i actually AM the insults used to humiliate male sissies…

    Please make files to help me become even less… i need to become the perfect, and therefore the lowest, female sissy!! Please, Sir?!?!

  4. Lacey Sparkels
    Lacey Sparkels says:

    i listened to this nice little file every morning and i finally relented to write you.

    i have listenned to many of your nice little sissy files for the last 6 months and found they reealy helpme find my sissy feminine nature

    listenning to this file i get so turned on by men whistles to be objectified and used and be submissive lol.

    pls may i have more conditioning files to train me and make into a perfectlittle eyecandysissygirl less will and less control to use me a sissy toy. pls may i have some nice conditining files

    pls tell me what i need to do to train me

    • Lacey Sparkels
      Lacey Sparkels says:

      Please sir, can you train me? May I have some nice conditioning files to train me and make me more of a sissy girl. Please.
      Thank you very much for providing me this feminine sissy file. i now understand more what it means to be a sisssy. I listen to it every morning along with your voice and motion conditioning.
      thank you sir

  5. Candace
    Candace says:

    oh my, vive!!

    ive always known i liked being a little bit less than normal women. i loved rubbing my horny monkey cunt or losing my mind to masturbation to your other files. now it makes so much more sense!!

    im less than a woman or even a girl. im a horny little slutty sissy, thats why i fantasize about rubbing instead of fucking and why it turns me on to be made into even lesser things like horny little fuck animals! thank you so much for letting me know!!

  6. Fatessailor
    Fatessailor says:

    You make me so hot, Vive! Damn…I can’t stop listening to all the awesome content you have on this website! I would love to hear more!

  7. Diane
    Diane says:

    i havent ever left feedback before, but this turned me on more than any other hypnosis and left me in such a subby and sissy mindset that i have to… i mulled over it for a bit but its your will that i leave feedback! i need more training desperately, i want to be a good sissy so badly!

  8. princess sissy
    princess sissy says:

    princess sissy is absolutely a true sissy. sissy has listened to this hypnosis with incredible acceptance of who sissy really is deep inside. sissy wants total submission to all. sissy has spent decades becoming more and more a true sissy slowly, step by step. sissy has seen and serviced quite a number of Mistresses over many, many years (sissy is 72 now). sissy stays shaved over 100% of her body. she wears toes polished always and finger polish at times as well. imagine a gas station where sissy filled the tank wearing sandals that exposed her polished toes and toe rings and walked in to pay the bill and alpha Men saw this but maybe said nothing, but some whispers. sissy has not overcome all her internal barriers, she does not wear makeup in public, except lipstick and eyebrows a times. sissy wears feminine pink shorts and some sissy pink tops. sissy has had meetings with sisters for fun and sex. sissy does dress more completely and including makeup. sissy always take a more submissive role and gives good head and sucks cum and sometimes has cum all over her face. none of these sisters would fuck sissy, which sissy desired so much. sissy has expanded her sissy pussy with larger and larger dildos over the years to taking a 2.5 and a little more diameter. Mistresses have used sissy’s pussy and sissy was so happy. sissy was taken by a Mistress on a trip and dressed sissy in the hotel. sissy has totally obeyed them. sissy would just be an unthinking sissy to be used, but it has never happened. why? a family, Wife and Children and relatives and friends. sissy is a coward. sissy has so very many fantasies and loves them. being used by one or more Superiors is one, being owned, and more. so it is so clear sissy wants to be a sissy but falls so short. sissy has listened to this hypnosis again as sissy typed.

    • princess sissy
      princess sissy says:

      princess sissy wanted to add Wife has become more a Superior over the last six weeks of lock down. She decided sissy should learn to enjoy being a fucktoy every day, at her discretion. this has meant princess sissy has had to accept a larger dildo from 1 to 3 times a day. sissy must, of course, void herself before accepting the dildo and clean it up afterwards. this has meant sissy has a diet of soft foods. Wife also has some “ointments” that She uses to keep sissy’s pussy from becoming over irritated from the constant use. sissy has learned to long for this usage. sissy’s ability to accept the dildos has been much improved.

  9. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Thank you Sir, please Sir i want to be trained as a sissy.
    Can you please do more files to make me become the perfect little sissy girl, the perfect female sissy.
    Please train and condition me to accept my place, i need to surender. Being less becoming more. Thank you Sir

  10. Sarahsissy
    Sarahsissy says:

    Thank you Sir, please Sir i want to be trained as a sissy.
    Can you please do more files to make me become the perfect little sissy girl, the perfect female sissy.
    Please train and condition me to accept my place, i need to surender.

  11. elaine
    elaine says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please, please start me on my desired journey of becoming a submissive sissy. I am below all levels of life and desire to submit to all. I desire to be used for everyones pleasure. I desire being a sissy and accept to be trained as a simple sissy fucktoy, attractive candy to lure anyone wishing to use me as they wish. Please i beg you to send me necessary files so i may listen over and over and start to being used a my desire to become the sissy of my dreams.
    With love and admiration,
    Soon to be sissy elaine

  12. Sissy Joannie
    Sissy Joannie says:

    The more that you try to insult me and degrade me, the more I want to be a sissy and the harder my little clitty gets. I have no dignity anymore, and I want to be humiliated as long as I am noticed as a fuck toy and used as one.
    I have no problem, in fact, I love being an inferior form of life in any setting, and submitting to everyone else, since I am only a sissy, there to be used and abused.
    I would love to be further trained by a master like you, to become the sissy I have always dreamed of becoming.


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