Beta Girl Trap

This file is the “Beta Girl Trap”. Mostly because “My fucking stupid pathetic brainwashed mindless little beta goon girl“ is a bit too long for a name.

And yet that’s pretty much what you will become if you seriously listen to this.

This is what an evil hypnotist does after weeks of corona quarantine, and you really shouldn’t listen to this. It’s definitely not my usual level of safe.

That being said, I know my little beta girls. You don’t look for safe, now do you? You look for your place in the world as a beta girl. Your place in this world who doesn’t even allow for your existence. While beta boys get all the “fun” and training, beta girls are completely ignored. It’s almost as if they shouldn’t exist.

Well, I have a heart for beta girls. And while I obviously will never see you as a sexual partner (or for a real person at that matter), I take some pity on you beta girls and train you to accept your place and learn what your life will be. And build a little community for pathetic little beta girls.

This is the first step towards being my little beta goon girl. Cock free for life, orgasm free, and only gooning all day while sinking deeper into your beta inferiority. Deeper into worthlessness. Deeper into humiliation.

There are two versions, the “pure” version is just the main track. The first time you listen, you should use this version as it doesn’t have the brainwashing side tracks. I want you to know that even without an induction I can twist the mind of a weak little beta girl without any problem. Afterward use the brainwash version to really fuck with your mind.

You are of course allowed to masturbate like the little beta jill off freak you are.

What else can I say? Take this journey at your own risk!

And seriously? Better don’t listen. This will fuck with your mind. After weeks of quarantine I’m in a very evil mindset! And this recording is very manipulative.

WARNING: All joking aside, the lockdown has me in a very playful and evil mindset. This recording is much more subtly manipulative than my usual stuff. This might not sound like it, but it is highly manipulative training. Be sure to only listen if you really want this. Don’t listen to this for fun or curiosity. This is for entertainment purposes only.

Listen to this Hypnosis for free now!

You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

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  1. candace
    candace says:

    please let me be your little… not even a beta girl. just a beta goon. please leave me controlled by my ugly rub-monkey cunt that i can never satisfy and that no one would ever fuck or want to fuck because its a rub-monkey cunt and not something that can be used for sex

    i dont deserve cock or to know what cock is, i dont even deserve girl cunt. just beta goon rub-monkey ugly cunt for me to uselessly rub and goon

  2. princess sissy
    princess sissy says:

    sissy has listened to beta girl trap for the first time.sissy is a genetic male but strongly identifies as a female for decades. the following is only to help others understand who sissy is inside before she comments of Beta Girl Trap. sissy has had a number of Mistresses but Wife , while knowing about sissy (how can you miss a smooth shaved body, constant toe nail polish over years, nipple rings, etc., including limited and careful hormones). sissy enjoys her sissy pussy and mouth used by Men, but also greatly by Women. Now to this Beta Girl Trap. sissy felt herself mainly in a limited trance (she thinks) because she arose from her rocker twice to check if someone was at the door, but she could settle back down easily. sissy, being a sissy felt she could think as a female to listen to this tape. there were a few minutes, mainly toward the end of the tape that sissy does not remember, probably going deep under listening to your voice, which sissy feels comfortable to listen to. toward the end sissy felt herself wanting to touch herself sexually, this seemed strange, and she began rubbing and pulling her large thick nipples and clenching her sissy pussy and once or twice rubbing her sissy pussy through her pants. she felt very aroused and then she was told to stop, and she did. sissy will plan to listen to this many times . what changes may or may not have happened so far, sissy will have to see. but one thing for sure, sissy was happy.

  3. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    I listened to the file and… i realize how inferior i am and that i am nothing but a beta girl now. I listened to it a second time and i still feel a little bit fuzzy but i know that i am inferior and not a real girl anymore. Real girls have sex and pleasure cock. I just goon and obey.

  4. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    A friend of mine recommended this file to me and when I read the description I giggle, because i never thought that I would be responsive to these types of things. I have never listened to a hypnosis file before and had no experience with hypnosis, though i guess i was curious since i started listening to it after all. I know it said to not listen just out of curiosity but i couldnt help myself and tried it

    It really.. open my eyes to the fact that i am just inferior and not like a real girl like i always pretended to be. I am just a beta girl

  5. Roxi
    Roxi says:

    I cannot get over how horny and needy i am. More and more with every listen. I know i am a pathetic beta girl and i need an alpha to train me to be a good beta girl. Please have pity on this beta? Please teach me that my cunt is useless. I crave the control and training. I nees to surrender.

  6. sandra
    sandra says:

    since i discovered my truth me i have been feeling sub but since i found and listen to the beta girl series, this last whole week i have discovered why i never fullfill my Masters and Mistresses, i am not a sub, i am just an inferior beta girl. I reallly love the way you made me feel this week as i listened to your beta files and making obvious to me what i am and where i belong but it mades me hate the fact that i cannot please sexually anyone, neither me, after a lot of time trying in vain i knew now that just working for an alpha could make me please that alpha, so, a clean house is a happy house, to cook for my alpha is a must now, just the meals my alpha likes. I really love i discovered this but i hate to discovered it so late. i will continue listening to this files so i know that i will find my place trying to help my alpha to become a better one.

  7. Emily
    Emily says:

    You have shown me my true purpose in life. I need to be your Beta.
    I have been listening to your files for month since I accidentally stumbled into you in a bimbo training playlist. I finally feel seen. Your the only one who understands me. Please 🥺 I’m begging I wanna be your beta

  8. Beta-girl
    Beta-girl says:

    Sir i am a virgin beta girl 20 year old . I have been listening to this file for almost a month daily and been only gooning daily while listening for hours 🥺
    Please sir I want to be your beta girl , I know being a gooner who only rubs her pussy all day is my purpose . You have made me accept this reality so please can i be your beta girl.
    I need to be trained more, I need to accept that I’m going to be a virgin my whole life , denied virgin gooner
    Please sir I beg you🥺


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