Brainwashed Toy – Week One – Where it begins… A brainwashing experience

Welcome to the most intense journey I have offered you so far… This isn’t just a hypnosis or a loop or a series of files, this is a complete system, this is brainwashing. Real brainwashing…


This is something for everyone who desires to experience real brainwashing, who really wants to feel someone getting into their head and taking over control. The final outcome of this journey will be, that you will be a much better subject for me and that you can easily accept any positive and beneficial suggestion in any of my files. But if you are listening to this, you are probably less interested in the destination, and more in the journey itself. And it will be an intense four week journey. You will feel me invading your mind.

This system is not for everyone. You will have to invest a lot of time to do it properly, and especially at the beginning you will have to do it on your own. I kept the addiction level very low in this week; thereby it’s easy to get out if it’s too much work for you. This way only anyone who really wants to be brainwashed will make it to week two.

This will become a very intensive journey, even if the results are pretty harmless, the journey itself will be intense. This is about taking control away from you. And even though it’s in a safe way, at times you may feel scared, overwhelmed, helpless, deeply confused or lost. That’s why I only want people in it who really want the experience. If you do, this will be a heavenly journey for you, if you don’t… listen to something else!

How to use this system

Each week, there will be a hypnosis file, a brainwash file, and a task. The term week is used loosely, you can get through it in as little as six days, but you can also take longer to do everything. You will have to listen to the hypnosis file three times (more if you want), you will have to listen to the whole brainwash file while masturbating and edging five times (only one time per day counts, you can do more, and you can listen to more than one loop), and you will have to do one intense session, where you listen to the brainwashing file for four loops in a row while masturbating and edging (ideally longer, that’s just the minimum time). You will also have to write the mantra of the week 100 times, by hand (more is always better). You can always listen to the brainwashing file while writing the mantra. You can also use it while doing anything else. If you have to keep focused on whatever you do, use the non binaural version. The more exposure you get, the better.

Due to the design of the brainwash file, you will need to wear headphones for it to work right.

Initially, this will be a four week journey, even though it might be extended in the future. Keep in mind that the release file will only be in the week four package.

Week One Content

This week it’s about laying the foundation. It’s about getting you into it. You will become unable to have an orgasm until you exit the brainwashing program or until you finish it (the final file will do that and use your orgasm to reinforce everything). You will get the desire to go through with the brainwashing. I will start to slowly and gently invade your mind. You will find my voice echoing through your mind. As I mentioned before, it’s not yet terribly addictive or controlling, it’s just laying the foundation for the things that are to come.

The mantra of week one is: You are my mindless and obedient toy. / I am your mindless and obedient toy.

Comment by ViVe

You might think that this is just some quick loop. It is not. This is my most complex file so far, as well as my most effective. The brainwashing file is carefully designed to be extremely catchy, and it will echo through your mind. This is real brainwashing. Don’t take it too lightly. Even if you dream about having this experience. This represents a lot of work too, just the background chant took the same time as two normal files. It sounds simple, but that’s the beauty. Making it look so simple and innocent. And catchy.

I did a lot of preliminary experimentation, and even though all of the guinea pigs deeply wanted to have the experience, trust me, most got overwhelmed or scared at some point in the journey. Once they realized it is really happening or once it was impossible to get my voice out of their heads. They knew they were at a point where I could do anything with them, even if they knew that I would never do anything bad, and knew the exact results of the brainwashing. But they experienced that the potential was there. And it can be scary if your wishes become true.

If you go on this journey, talk about it. Ideally find someone with whom you can talk about it. Use the comment function here and write about your experience or talk with others who experience the same.

And if it happens, if you reach the point where you realize it’s real, DON’T PANIC! Yes, it is real. But everyone who did it was ok on the other side and had an amazing experience. It’s just a wild rollercoaster ride. You will be ok at the end.

Enjoy the journey.

The Files

Explanation File: The introduction. Listen to this before you do anything else. You just need to listen once, but do it. It explains how it works.

Hypnosis File: The hypnosis file.

Brainwashing File: The Brainwashing file you use for your training.

Brainwashing File (No Binaural): A version of the brainwashing file without binaural, you can have it run in the background doing other things, when you have to be able to stay focus on other things.

I swear I’ve read the whole description before I download the files. I know what I’m getting into. I know that I listen at my own risks and that I’m going to be brainwashed.

Listen to this Hypnosis for free now!

You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

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  1. brainwashed toy NTX
    brainwashed toy NTX says:

    Brainwashing Diary:
    Week one, day one:
    I’ve been listening your files for a while and I love them, however I feel that the effects evade too quickly so I’m starting this wonderful journey too be a better hypnosis subject
    It’s my first time hearing this file and I love how I’ve feel a rush of pleasure whenever I’m called a “mindless and obedient toy”, also I’ve felt an urge to masturbate when I finished the hypnosis file so tried the brainwashing file instantly, I’ve almost came so I’ve had to stop for a few seconds, but after that no matter how hard I tried I can’t get close to orgasm. I hope to enjoy this journey .

    Pd: is there any problem with hearing the brainwashing file while sleeping? I’d like to be exposed as much as possible

  2. Brainwashed toy NTX
    Brainwashed toy NTX says:

    Brainwashing Diary week one day two:

    I awoke with a full erection and first thing I heard is “you are my mindless and obedient toy” and whenever I wasn’t focused on something I heard the mantra, I’m feeling the need to make some time to do a masturbating session so I think that my mind is being invaded

  3. Brainwashed toy NTX
    Brainwashed toy NTX says:

    Brainwashing Diary week one day four
    I wrote the 100 lines today, I felt like I was in I trance as I was writing and I felt how my arousal was increasing with every line, I had do a brainwashing session because of the arousal I that I’m sinking really deep

  4. Brainwashed toy NTX
    Brainwashed toy NTX says:

    Brainwashing Diary week one day seven:
    I finally did the long brainwashing session, I edged at least one time at every loop I’m depending on these brainwashing sessions to get some pleasure, and I learnt it the hard way, I tried to get pleasure from other sources, I’ve felt like I was going to burst very quickly so I’ve had to stop, now that I’ve completed the tasks for the week one, now I’m going further with the second week


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