Brainwashed Toy -Week Two

Welcome back to the most intense journey I have offered you so far… This isn’t just a hypnosis or a loop or a series of files, this is a complete system, this is brainwashing. Real brainwashing…

Week Two Content

This week your journey takes you deeper down the rabbit hole. You will become more brainwashed and more addicted to your brainwashing. Now that you have started to associate my voice with pleasure, we’re going to deepen the brainwashing. You will think about it more often during your day, and crave to go through with it more and more. While last week was just a gentle invasion of your mind, I’m going to really put my hooks into you this week, setting the stage for really controlling you.

The mantra of week two is: You are my brainwashed and addicted toy. / I am your brainwashed and addicted toy.

Update: Bonus Task

I’ve been asked for a little extra task for all the brainwashed toys out there. So here it is:

For this, you’ll need an additional 30 minutes BEFORE you do your normal brainwashing session.

You will find a nice and comfortable place with enough privacy so that you can do some chanting out loud. Put on the Week One Brainwashing file. Every time I say the mantra of the week, you will reply while I say the other things. So at the beginning of the file I say “You are my mindless and obedient toy.” And while I go on with “You fall deeper into my control” you will reply out loud “I am your mindless and obedient toy.” Then I say it again, and you will reply again and so on. Once you listened through part one, you will continue with part two. Of course, you will reply with the mantra of week two.

During the whole time, you’re obviously forbidden to touch yourself. You will fully focus on keeping it up, on replying every time. Only once you’re finished, you’re allowed to do your regular brainwashing and pleasure yourself again.

Extra Bonus Task: Wear a blindfold during the entire chanting and brainwashing session. Keeping it on without any breaks would be ideal, but you can take it off to operate your playback device if it’s necessary. Put it back on as fast as possible.

Comment by ViVe

The warnings are the same like last week. If you didn’t listen to week one – go back and start there!

I thought I would give you a little sneak peek on what’s up for you.

Week Three : controlled and obedient
Week Four : submissive and open
And if you want to go on:
Week Five : devoted and euphoric

Since I published the first part, I have been inspired to make an alternate ending, one that allows you to keep the level of control, and transfer it to a person of your choosing. This will allow anyone who is in a d/s relationship to experience this brainwashing while benefiting their existing dynamic.

The Files

Hypnosis File: The hypnosis file.

Brainwashing File: The Brainwashing file you use for your training.

Brainwashing File (No Binaural): A version of the brainwashing file without binaural, you can have it run in the background doing other things, when you have to be able to stay focus on other things.

I swear I’ve read the whole description before I download the files. I know what I’m getting into. I know that I listen at my own risks and that I’m going to be brainwashed. I have listened to Week One and did all the tasks.

Listen to this Hypnosis for free now!

You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

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