Sounds stange, doesn’t it? And yet I’m looking for beta girls to toy with.

Don’t worry. I won’t see you as a play partner. Of course not. I know you are beta. That you were never designed to please a man. That your cunt isn’t good enough to satisfy a man.

And yet I recently got a taste of the enjoyment it can be to teach a little beta girl her rightful place. Train her to accept that she should be cock free for life. That she should live the life of a little jill off freak in solitude. That she will never be able to satisfy a man. And to keep her horny, cock free, and orgasm denied.

And if I’m honest here, the thought to keep a little worthless beta girl virgin, or even revirginify her trough the right training, make her forget about cock. Because really, a beta girl only needs a rough knowledge about what sex is: Something strange other people do and that’s not meant for her. Because pathetic little beta girls have another purpose – they exist to serve Alphas in different ways.

It’s of course all negotiable to a degree, but this is what I imagine:

– You will be trained as a beta girl
– You will be my little beta gooner
– You will accept that as a beta girl you shouldn’t have orgasms
– You will be conditioned to accept that you’re not a real girl and can’t satisfy cock
– You will be trained to stay cock free
– You will get training files and be potentially live trained
– You will be kept virgin / will be mentally revirginified
– You will only know that sex is something people do but which doesn’t apply to you
– You will learn to serve with your inferiority and gooning for me.
– You will only be allowed to watch approved porn
– You will be mercilessly teased and ridiculed

And yes, the gooning will be your new sexuality. This way you can even please an alpha, because it’s surprisingly enjoyable to see a beta girl in her place: horny and inferior. You will of course have to document every single gooning session for me. Afterall I want to know when my pathetic little beta girl is getting even more horny and needy for me.

That’s about the rough idea of what i’m looking for.

As I want to do this long term – and there are always “losses”, I want to start with up to three beta girls.

If you’re a pathetic little beta girl and this speaks to you – listen to “The beta girl Trap” if you haven’t yet. And if that’s resonating with you – you’re most definitely a little beta girl. Cause its called the beta girl trap for a reason. Not because it turns you into a beta girl – I actually had very suggestible people try it and go “yeah, no” – it just touches your natural beta desires if you ARE a little beta girl.

And if that’s the case… contact me, find your beta purpose, and start your cock free and orgasm denied life as my horny little beta goon girl.

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  1. mey
    mey says:

    I have listened to all of your beta girl files and realize I am truly nothing more than a pathetic beta girl. I would love nothing more than to be trained by you to be a beta girl exactly to and for your pleasure.

  2. Dianna
    Dianna says:

    I have listen to five weeks of training and your claiming a Beta Girl and wish to become a trainee for you as a Beta Girl


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