So here are the last few live trances:


Pet trance: Just another version of the pet trance

Bunker trance. It’s a bit different. Instead of walking down a nice staircase, you walk down deep into a bunker, sealed in my control and completely helpless. And once you are in my world i will strip you of all control and make you completely helpless.

Avoid this one if you are claustrophobic.


Pet trance: Yup. Another iteration of the pet trance.

My voice is the drug. The idea is the typical mind control drug. How it paralyses your body, makes you helpless, and eventually want to obey. Just in this case – my voice is the drug. And will take complete control over you. Until you are completely helpless and there is only my voice guiding you.

There are a few positive suggestion in there I did in the spur of the moment.

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