I’m going to do the first patreon live trance on sunday. Actually wanted to do it last sunday (and want to do it alternating between chat and trance in a two week rythm), but I had bad flu and no voice at all…

Hopefully i’m soon back in a recording state, i’m at any rate pretty comfortable to do the trance on sunday.

The trance is happening on the discord, I created a live trance channel for it. Please poke me for access.

Everyone involved can negotiate in the planing channel, if you can agree on a cool trance I’ll do that, otherwise it’s probably either just a deep trance or some fractionation.

This is a link to get your local time for the chat: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=5:00PM+GMT+Sunday+March+03+2019,+in+local+time

See you there!


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