The first trance is like usual a pet trance. Something nice and safe with a lot of scritches.

The second trance is a new induction. It’s a very controlling twist on old classics. It’s classic inductions, yet in a more kinky way. And it’s focused on you surrendering yourself to me completely. First there is the “yes, sir” induction, in which you will say that to go deeper, and then instead of leading you down a nice staircase, you will go deep in a bunker, locked in and trapped in my control.

You will perceive yourself as locked in a deep bunker (and a cage) for me, so if you have claustrophobia you might want to skip this one.

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  1. princess sissy
    princess sissy says:

    sissy loves it. she has been in bondage and fully restrained before, kept in a hotel room. clothes taken away and left with a set of car keys. they were to start the car left in the parking lot. sissy wore handcuffs. sissy had to wait until early morning to sneak out of the hotel and to the car. she had to drive back to the House naked.

  2. elektra
    elektra says:

    You certainly know how to give us exactly what we want, but I must say that it was like a hard edging session. Just as I reached the edge, it was over. It left me craving a long period of strict bondage.


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