And this are the live trances from last weekend:

The first one “Pet” is the obligatory pet trance. Being petted and cared for, and feeling safe.

The second one “Control” is a more possessive, more controlling trance. It’s a deep dive into obedience and control. You will surrender your mind and body to me, and go obediently deeper and deeper into trance.

The third trance “Tamed” is something special. I got asked how i would brainwash a human pet. And this is the offhand version of it. And I will do a full recording of this idea soon. Without spoiling too much – it’s overall very nice in its evilness. Cause you don’t need to hurt someone to make them a good, obedient, and loving pet. You just need consistency.

There is no violence, however this is a kidnapping & brainwashing fantasy. There is some control and you will of course be held against your will – and brainwashed into my little pet.

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  1. 400436
    400436 says:

    400436 would enjoy to be tamed and become an obedient pet. That was for sure a treat for this desperate mindless fucktoy. Looking forward the full recording to dive again in this fantasy 🙂

  2. princess sissy
    princess sissy says:

    I tried this trance a few minutes ago. Progress seems to have been made. sissy was not interrupted but had trouble following directions and relaxing. The interesting point was near the end, sissy did go into something where she was oblivious to what was happening, she had a blank mind with nothing it it. sissy is not sure how long this lasted, but based on the timer she thinks it lasted maybe 5 minutes and sissy has no idea what happened. perhaps this is the level of trance sissy seeks

  3. YponosiPet
    YponosiPet says:

    You may not remember me, but gosh…these Pet trances have just been so delicious and I am loving every second of them!


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