Yes, Sir. Part 0.1

This is a second test run of the “Yes, Sir!“ trance.

It’s a little bit deeper, a little bit more lost in trance, otherwise the same as the first “Yes, Sir!“.

And just like in the first you will go deeper every time you say “Yes, Sir!“.

Still experimenting a bit, but this has some real potential. Feedback is very welcome.

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  1. arhut
    arhut says:

    Yes, Sir! Good evening. Just signed on for Diaper Trap and saw the Yes, Sir files. I am usually reluctant to say RESPONSES out loud during hypnosis. i didn’t have any problems with saying “Yes, Sir!” out loud during both the 0.0 and the 0.1 files. Very well done. I also responded with “Yes, Sir” during most of the diaper trap file. Hoping one of these weekends i experience the trapped feeling. Thank you so much.

  2. Della
    Della says:

    Wow. I have to admit, I’ve been a lurker here for a while now, mostly listening to your loops. And while those are fantastic of course, none of them have really made me want to comment up until this point. I love it! And while I’m not entirely clear on whether you take suggestions, I really liked your addiction loop. It’d be great if you could create more like that – maybe even mildly humiliating ones – about craving your files/voice/hypnosis in general. Thanks for making these!

  3. Jay
    Jay says:

    These files are working really well after a few listens. I am going deep into trance, feel aroused, and not sure if the file is causing this but occasionally seeing sexual images. I normally don’t see sexual images when I trance but have been listening to hypnosis a lot the past few days. Oddly, in the middle of this I saw a fully clothed blond woman for a second smiling maybe laughing lightheartedly.

  4. RacheLLe
    RacheLLe says:

    wowowow, amazing trance again, i went deeper than the part 0. Triggering ourselves is such a powerful tool. i even got amnesia because i have no idea of what you said for a big part of this file and only was brought back to life around the count of 9 . ty so much sir for this amazing file 🙂


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