Yes Sir 6 – Bonus – Deep Dive

This is a deep dive into trance and my control.

It’s a little bonus file for anybody who wants to go really deep into the state of surrender and submission. Because you know there is no limit to how deep you can surrender. You will also stay in a very subby space for one hour after listening to this.

Make sure you’re at level 6 before listening to this recording.

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You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

11 replies
  1. Spooky
    Spooky says:

    Holy fuck when you snapped those times I can’t even begin to describe how I felt it was like a surge of everything. I went so deep for you sir ♡♡

  2. Rye Gator
    Rye Gator says:

    Holy shit! Tha was amazing, sir! I completely lost track of everything! Soooo deeppp. Incredible, thank you so much. Yes sir

  3. Jasmine
    Jasmine says:

    I loved this one, I fell so deep and felt completely submissive. Went deeper than any other file, and I did the Brainwashed Toy files. Thank you for everything, Vive.

  4. Steamy
    Steamy says:

    Oh Master, I don’t quite remember what happened during this trance. I just came back and felt like I had to tell you about it. Please, could you use those triggers in different files, too? It would be great to answer the question of being your slave with ‘Yes Sir!’

  5. Dan
    Dan says:

    Yes Sir. Thank you for taking full control. Being bound with my throat for your use is my desire – PLEASE use my throat for your pleasure. Yes Sir Yes Sir Yes Sir

  6. dogged
    dogged says:

    and the dive W A S deep…was uncontrollably contracting my whole body during the chanting. and the fingersnaps just threw me down like a bouncingball..what a ride! at a certein moment i was gettin scared, but then remembered i was in good controlling hands, and i allowed myself to go deeper…really never was so deep…You stretched my limits with this file SIR, thank You.
    dogged toy

  7. Rina
    Rina says:

    I went so deep with this that I don’t remember what happened and I lost track of my surroundings. The only thing I remember was the feeling of submission, and pleasure of surrendering myself


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