Yes Sir 5 – My Hypnotoy

So in this file I will make you my hypnotoy.

What does it mean? That from now on you will be my hypnotoy whenever you are listening to any of my recordings. And that means you know the power dynamic, you know your role. Because as a good hypnotoy it’s your role to go deep and listen to my voice and absorb all my suggestions. And whenever you decide to listen to my recording in the future, you will drop back into the mindset of being my hypnotoy.

This file will also give you a little ritual – if you kneel and chant “yes sir” after this file, you will drop into a wonderful state of subspace. After the first 100 times you said it, you will also experience the pleasure trigger from Yes, Sir 4.5. The file will give you a compulsion to do the ritual once, after that it’s completely up to you if you want to do it again. Afterall it’s still all about your free and willing surrender.

Note: Listen to all previous files before. Be sure you want to be my hypnotoy. Of course the usual safeties apply. This has no effects outside of trance (with the exception of the ritual) and has no effect on other relationships. This series is not about “enslaving” you, but about going on a deep journey into trance and control together.

Guinea Pigs: I’m looking for guinea pigs for this, if you’re up to test those files and provide feedback (and are able to do this in a useful timeframe), please contact me.

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You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

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  1. Sybella
    Sybella says:

    Yes sir….I would love to be your hypnotoy….moooo. I’ve been working on becoming an obedient cow….and the Yes sir files have helped a lot…..

  2. Della
    Della says:

    Mmmm, felt pretty good. Think I’m going to try holding off on the ritual though and see how long I last. 🤤
    And of course, I for one would be happy to test your files!

  3. Hypnoboy
    Hypnoboy says:

    Yes Sir, I’m your obedient hypnotoy, your control feels so good, I’m addicted to surrendering my control and being your hypnotoy, Sir!

  4. Steamy
    Steamy says:

    Thank you, Sir. i am your hypnotoy now, and it feels great. I found myself doing the ritual seeking submission and finding pleasure. Now I can’t wait to listen to another one of your files. Which one will it be?

  5. Dreamqueen93
    Dreamqueen93 says:

    Thank you, Sir.
    Ich bin noch so furchtbar geil und feucht von 4.5. und jetzt Knie ich auf dem Bett für dich. Ich habe 103 x „Yes Sir“ gesagt und würde mich so gerne berühren. Ich hätte so gerne deine Erlaubnis. Aber ich schätze ich werde es erst noch ein paar Mal sagen und mich zusammenreißen, um mir dann das nächste anzuhören. 🤤

  6. RacheLLe
    RacheLLe says:

    divine trance
    i’m going deeper and deeper
    letting myself go like never before
    i’m your little hypnotoy, sir

    can’t wait to do the ritual, but as i saw in one comment,
    i’ll try to stay away from it and see how long i can
    last before doing it (will replay to this comment later if i remember to do so
    and tell you how the ritual went 🙂 )
    i had a lot of body spams towards the end, the words “little hypnotoy” were sending me to heaven each time … hmmmmmmm

    ty so much for this file, sir 🙂

  7. Jen
    Jen says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am not one to normally leave comments places. Sometimes I compose but then smartly erase.

    This is day2 of listening to these files and I am currently stopping temporary after the 3x multiplier to your voice file. However I did want to provide feedback here as I just remembered.

    Shortly after this file, I was near my bed, and, mentally shrugging looked down and thought “Why not chant?”. So I started. Per your instructions I did not keep track contiously. At some point I began feeling more and more aroused and had to tilt abit to lay my arms spread out in front of me, head down.

    I tried to lift my head up, but everytime I tried lifting it and saying “Yes Sir.” forced it back down. A few moments later I was on the floor on all fours, wanting more and more pleasure. Ass up, head down I couldn’t lift back up or move forward.

    About this time I was able to kneel with my head down. Pleasure eventually mixed with submissiveness and horniness turned to inner peaceful pleasure. I could no longer verbally say “Yes Sir” but it continued on at chant pace in my mind. I ended up falling back, still kneeling, but now butt on legs. Head was tilted down, eyes closed, hands folded over one another in my lap as I sat up straight.

    Not sure how long I was like this, but eventually the phone ringing eventually broke me out and I was able to lean over and answer right before it would have gone to voicemail.

    So, I would like to thank you, as my boyfriend doesn’t have a dominant bone in his body, it seems, and this was a nice two days of recharging this part of me while he was away. (^-^)

  8. Eli
    Eli says:

    Wow Sir this was sooo goood!! After waking I was feeling a tingling in my tummy so I got on my knees and started chanting Yes Sir not expecting too much, but for the first time I started feeling better and better and I felt more and more submissive and then suddenly pleasure hit me and I got so hard I was writhing and fell forward on my elbows and had to bury my face in my pillow. I kept panting Yes Sir and was humping the air and writhing and felt soooo goood. Thank you so much Sir. This was really really amazing I’m still trembling

  9. Dragonfly
    Dragonfly says:

    I’m your hypnotoy, I been in trance for hours now, you control me so deeply. I’ve knelt down and chanted, the twitching started at 100 like you said.
    Of course it did, you control me, I surrender to you fully and completely.
    I still can’t cum, and I’m losing my mind. Really I will do anything for you, cause I really need to cum so bad, but I won’t. For you.
    And I’m here writing this still chanting, half gone.
    I can’t believe how much this has worked, I’m so thoroughly fractionated that everything is bliss.
    I’m gonna keep going till the two hours are up, wish me luck, cause I might break, but I love it


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