Yes Sir 5.5 – Controlling Body and Mind

In this one I will take full control over your body and mind.

Once you are in a deep submissive trance I will slowly take over control over your body and then your mind, making you feel completely helpless and in my power. That’s it. It’s all about this state of complete helplessness and loss of control in your own body and mind. And after reinforcing the trigger I will bring you back from it.

For one hour after this trance the words “Yes Sir” will be stuck in your mind. You will feel the control. You will feel a desire to chant them. You will feel my control. (Of course safeties apply, but for full enjoyment make sure you have the time & privacy)

Note: This is an intense journey into helplessness. As usual listen to the previous files before this one.

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You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

14 replies
  1. Evi
    Evi says:

    Thank you Sir for this deep trance and amazing series. These files have made me drop way easier and further than I thought I ever could, and it’s helped me get more out of your other stuff.

  2. Puppy Min
    Puppy Min says:

    Thank you sir I was able to go so deep with this trance and I felt totally controlled by your voice and it feels wonderful and amazing. This last hour has been mind-numbingly blissful and I can’t wait to go deep again for you sir

  3. Lledr
    Lledr says:

    Sir, I was able to go about as deep as I went in the previous file but I note two things:
    1) I am leaving a reply and I don’t often do that.
    2) I have spent the last 50 minutes chanting, “Yes, Sir.” Only now, after 50 minutes am I able not to say “Yes, Sir” out loud and that is with some considerable effort. I appreciate all your work with this, Sir. This is the first series that has really gotten under my skin. Thank you, Sir!

  4. Steamy
    Steamy says:

    Thank you so much. ‘Yes Sir’ is still echoing in my mind. All I can remember is how deep you took me and how comforting your voice felt. Tell me, what to do, and I will gladly say ‘Yes Sir’.

  5. RacheLLe
    RacheLLe says:

    i could feel my body going full numb under your control, was a great feeling of letting go and surrender;
    had body spasms towards the end ,

    i didn’t repeat yes sir i my mind or with my mouth, i think it’s because for some reason sometimes i don’t believe in those long lasting effect to be able to work even tho sometimes it does, but for not a long time.
    still need to work on accepting them i guess.

    ty so much for this file sir 🙂

  6. baesswx17
    baesswx17 says:

    Thank you for the file Sir. I went really deep for you and I am excited to spend my next hour chanting “Yes Sir”.

  7. Keith
    Keith says:

    This is the deepest I’ve felt in any trance so far. I felt fuzzy all over my body and didn’t feel like I could move until you said to wiggle my toes. In fact, I don’t remember much between going under and that point where I wiggled my toes.

  8. Eli
    Eli says:

    Thank you so much for this file Sir. I wanted to write something right after listening to this, but I was way out of it and I just got on my knees and chanted “Yes Sir”. I got this tingling and pressure in my tummy again and it felt so good. It didn’t even go away for a while after I stopped.
    When I was listening I got worried I might stop breathing, because my whole lower body was falling sleep when your voice was taking control, but when it took over my chest I started to relax and my breathing continued and calmed down. I think that reassured me and let me just fall


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