Yes Sir 2.0 – Surrender Control

This is a journey into complete surrender of all control.

Go deep with me, and surrender all of your control to me. Let my words easily flow through your open, empty, and obedient mind. And fall into state of complete surrender and utter submissive bliss. Give your mind to me, and let me take good care of you.

This recording contains two posthypnotic suggestions. You will have the desire to kneel and chant “Yes Sir” to accept and reinforce my control and the trigger. You will also have the compulsion to write feedback and tell me how deeply I controlled you.

Note: The whole “Yes Sir!” series has a more “live” style, it’s more a tame version how I would play with someone than a constructed hypnosis recording. This recording is a deep dive into surrendering control, and it’s intense. I added my “Aftercare” file into the playlist, just to be on safe side. It’s the kind of experience after which you might appreciate it.

This recording is for advanced submissives who are comfortable to completely surrender control.

Before you listen to this you should have trained with the previous files and have a good idea what to expect.

Listen to this Hypnosis for free now!

You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

91 replies
  1. Jess
    Jess says:

    Thank you so much for this series! It really brings me in deep! I adore the method here of consistent affirmation which quickly becomes intoxicatingly powerful. I hope to hear more sometime soon. You really have a knack for completely poking into my mind sir. It’s just making me subby as hell and I hope you can make some real unique stuff with this method (maybe some directly sexually gratifying ones lol!). It really works when you make the subject do it to themselves! At least it works when you make me say “yes sir!” Over and over. Amazing job!

  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    Ty sir I am enjoying so much this series. I am so excited for more files like these I love how your voice is helping me go deeper nd when I say yes sir mindlessly I just begin to lose myself nd feel so controlled I am eager to continue nd train more to be even better submissive to you Needing to be more controlled, I guess I am being obedient for you as I write this. Ty Sir.

  3. Fucktoy400436
    Fucktoy400436 says:

    Hey Owner 🙂 this desperate mindless fucktoy is enjoying this serie. Itching fiercely right now cause it can’t help but listen to the itch file after surrendering its mind to your control.

  4. Steamy
    Steamy says:

    It really felt great losing control to you. I woke up kneeling before my computer. Despite my legs somewhat hurting I felt warm and peaceful and loved. This was great. Please do more files with the “yes sir” trigger.

  5. slave11448
    slave11448 says:

    it was long ago since a trance kicked this drone so much as this one! it urges to get even deeper, thanks to You, Sir! Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!

    it would do a lot more for sure, You made it!

    Thank You, Sir, thank You, thank You, thank You!

  6. PuppyMin
    PuppyMin says:

    Thank you for playing with my mind, sir! I felt so relaxed and controlled and in total submissive bliss, and I can’t wait to go deep in with your voice again.

  7. SqueakyBoi
    SqueakyBoi says:

    Thank you Sir! You are so kind to take control. This gimp loves when you take control and let your will dictate its actions, body, and mind.

  8. Erin
    Erin says:

    I have experienced many hypnosis sessions but this one after experiencing Yes Sir 1.5 Deeper has left me in such a wonderful submissive and relaxed state. I was searching for something that could play with my submissiveness and need to be controlled. I really needed that aftercare file. I usually don’t comment but the compulsion grew that l just had too. Thank you for making this series, l love it.

  9. Lledr
    Lledr says:


    I can’t say that I’ve found myself waking up on kneeling on the floor before this file. These yes, Sir files are powerful. Thank you, Sir!

  10. Jake
    Jake says:

    Usually need a long induction, the “white light” one seems to work best. However this has been bizarrely effective.

  11. M3
    M3 says:

    I’m surprised I was able to kneel for so long. Though might need a pillow next time! This was great and I am looking forward to submitting more!!

  12. Subby
    Subby says:

    This was amazing Sir. You really took control over me! I couldn’t stop chanting on my knees. And it felt amazing doing so. Really loved it and miss the feeling of you’re presence already. I guess I’m listening to another file.

  13. Olimar
    Olimar says:

    I never thought I could ever find someone who could have me sink so deep and this is everything I wanted and more. Having the Aftercare after the session felt so good and I can’t wait for more of this series

  14. Bethany
    Bethany says:

    Sir, i love your hypnosis files, and yes, Sir i found this series, and yes, Sir i don’t know why but i really did find myself kneeling and chanting Yes, Sir over and over and over. Please take me deeper, Sir. i really need it. yes, Sir

  15. lucky
    lucky says:

    thank you for the file sir, it was truly enjoyable chanting while on my knees, and i can’t wait to hopefully lose myself in the rest of this series.

  16. Cuddles
    Cuddles says:

    Unfortunately I was awoken by noise a bit too early, but that didn’t substract mjuch from the wonderful experience.
    I keep going into these files a bit skeptically, because I find it difficult at first to pay attention to when to say “Yes Sir”, but they keep suprising me with how well they work anyway! This file had the full effect as intended and while listening and chanting on all fours and being told to feel pleasure each time I say it, I had an orgasmic experience >.<
    Thank you very much for this great series Sir!

  17. Nobody88008
    Nobody88008 says:

    I love this new series master, I’ve loved your work for a long time, but I’ve always struggled with longer form inductions, this direct dropping technique works so so well for me, it feels so good sir. I’ve always loved your looping files too, as they drop right in. Distraction works really well for me, The files in which you ask me to masturbate like the slut loop work really well for me, and I end up spending hours at a time looping and looping and looping for them. I love saying yes sir, as it’s a direction to follow during your files. and it gives me an opportunity to show you how eager I am to obey~

  18. Vacant mind
    Vacant mind says:

    Sinking to my knees, knowing it’s wasn’t optional, knowing it was your control over my body, was enough to make me shiver.

    Pretty sure the first repetition of the phrase was past my lips before I was fully settled but honestly, I don’t remember. Such a big, happy, subby smile on my face as I calmly feel myself typing this message too.

  19. Maidy
    Maidy says:

    Normally I like to be in control of myself.
    But being controlled is a really exciting experience. I felt all my attention focused on you and nothing else. Going into a trance is becoming easier and easier for me and I enjoy every word and every question from you.

    I’m excited to see how this series continues.
    You can tell that you have put a lot of thought into it and I am very grateful for the whole series.

    Thank you.

  20. Dan
    Dan says:

    Obedience IS Pleasure. Thank you Sir for bringing bliss and pleasure through servitude and obedience. Will I be back – YES SIR. Will I obey – YES SIR. No hesitation, no question…YES SIR!

  21. Hypnoboy
    Hypnoboy says:

    It felt so good surrendering all my control to you sir! I could only kneel and chant “Yes Sir” and I knew my only purpose was to obey and do whatever you command.

    My concious mind always tends to wander around for a bit but even though I realized that I lost control, there was nothing to do against it and I also kept loosing myself completely in kneeling and chanting, being totally mindless and submissive – being yours.

    Thank you Sir for this experience, I’m already addicted to it and I want to let you brainwash me even more.

  22. Eny
    Eny says:

    Sir, I love the “Yes, Sir” trigger so much, it was never so easy to go deep into trance.
    Thank you for this gift, Sir.

  23. Jay
    Jay says:

    Sir, as I write this my legs are moving and twitching in my bed to get me into a kneeling position. This series has changed my view on hypnosis as a passive activity to be one that is relating nd engaging and erotic. As a gay man I have challenged my anal abilities more than ever through this series and would love to challenge my ass more Sir. Yes sir.

  24. Asa
    Asa says:

    I have never fallen so deep for a file. I woke up to find myself kneeling, my lap a pool of drool. Maybe I’ve listened to too many of these in a row but I just feel so submissive and blissful as I type this. Thank you Sir!

  25. dreamqueen93
    dreamqueen93 says:

    Ich mag die meisten deiner Files. Die „Yes, Sir!“-Serie war bisher auch wieder super. Ich habe mich gerade gerne für dich hingekniet. Ich würde es auch gerne bei einem realen Treffen machen. Ich bin gespannt auf die nächsten Files, Sir. 🙂

  26. Ghost
    Ghost says:

    Training with your files always brings me to new depths of trance. My response to the trigger has become totally automatic. Your voice has total control of my mind Sir.

  27. piggymelty415
    piggymelty415 says:

    Really enjoyed your file and the sweet aftercare. You are a gem. Loved getting on its knees and surrendering control, MASTER. thank you SIR.

  28. RacheLLe
    RacheLLe says:

    listened after 1.5 (minutes after) , again, didn’t read the description before listening, i know it’s not the best thing to do and i don’t advice you to do it but in this case i know i’m gonna be safe in the hands of sir.

    heard that the file was about control and then deep trance without being conscious, only woke up at the end , did i
    chant yes sir to go deeper , i don’t remember.

    i had a little hallucination i would call it like that where
    i had a flash after saying yes sir 3-4 times and little things going on without remembering much …

    was amazing, ty so much sir 🙂

  29. Hapi
    Hapi says:

    this was very nice, most files can’t take me too deep because I’m a bit overthinking and paranoid just as a person, but this felt really nice and safe, thank you for the file! felt good to hand the reins over to someone else for a little bit 🙂

  30. Rye Gator
    Rye Gator says:

    That was amazing, Sir. I have never been deep enough to move without breaking trance. This was a masterpiece. Thank you.

  31. lottie
    lottie says:

    Thank you, Sir.

    I loved kneeling for you and being obedient and submissive for you, Sir.
    I loved surrendering to you and letting you just take control and making me feel bliss, Sir. I can’t get you and your control out of my head and it’s bliss.

    Thank you again & I wish I could show you how greatful I am, Sir.

  32. Jay
    Jay says:

    thank you so much sir for making me feel extremely submissive and obedient. before this file I was thinking no way I’ll kneel I’m too lazy but I woke up on my knees chanting in subspace and feeling so horny. I have never felt this level of control before and also was too shy to post my feedback. I love the yes sir series and can’t stop listening. yes sir

  33. Rebe
    Rebe says:

    Hello sir, thank you very much, that was fantastic! Your files work better than any others I have heard. I found myself kneeling on the floor after this one. Hope you have a lovely day<3

  34. Leatherslave
    Leatherslave says:

    Still so much in the aftercare mood, hmmmmm.

    I was surprised how quickly the “Yes, Sir!” trigger drew me into a state of trance.The files before obviously had their effect…

    This session had a strong sexual effect on me, leaked so much precum through my chastity device, my pants feeling wet. Such a joyful submissive state I have reached. Thank you, Sir ViVe!

  35. Nea
    Nea says:

    I’m yours, I really let go completely and it was succh a warm and pleasant expirience. Like there was a place for your control waiting in my mind?
    Idk😊 hard to descibe it but I loved it

  36. Hypnofan222
    Hypnofan222 says:

    I went so deep i barely remember anything that happened. I remember that you control me thoigh, Sir.

  37. Angel
    Angel says:

    Wow, just wow. I’ve never fallen this far with any other hypnotist or file! I felt so safe and my body moved on its own to obey, slipping into nadu out of habit. The aftercare file was much appreciated, I didn’t realize how much I needed it. Thank You Sir.

  38. Subby boy
    Subby boy says:

    I love the complete lost of control, it just feels soooo good for my submissive mind.
    The aftercare is good too <3

  39. HornMan
    HornMan says:

    Yes sir, you have control. This has taken me deeper than I have ever been. I want to surrender more as the series continues.

  40. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    Thank you so much for this Sir this was absolutely wonderful and made me feel so submissive and empty and magical thank you Sir!


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